Virgo New Moon Horoscopes

How has this year flown so fast? It's September the 9th and when I wake in the morning I have to put on more clothing. I look up into the oak canopy and their leaves are more sparse. Yellowing in some trees is already taking hold. The Ponderosa pines sheds its needles now, to make way for eventual new needles.

The shift is a strange a restless one for me each year and one filled with nostalgia, this season particularly holds that space for me to remember and shift gears into a slower more restful pace.

Photo Sep 09, 10 44 30 AM.jpg

Our collective cards this cycle are the Three of Cups, The Page of Cups and Judgment.

It's here we can find some joy in the manner of our remembering. If we can find the slowness, gather together with our sweet loved ones over foods grown up and out of our precious dirt. Living this life is something for us to celebrate and finding ourselves with who we can celebrate this with is important.

The Page of Cups in this is an energy we are asked to embody. That is the energy of staying curious in our situations, no matter what. Of taking up a cup and partaking of the joy in the Three of Cups and seeing what messages we can receive when we open ourselves up to this space, what can be learned, processed and realized.

Judgment swoops in not to condemn you, but to wake you up. Always, there is a deeper call for each of us. Through this dark moon and to the next, we're asked to pay attention. To listen as deeply and innocently as the Page of Cups, the child mind that doesn't not question the sentience of the natural world or its innate magic.

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10 of Cups

The culmination of all the emotional work you've done in this past cycle will yield a deeply fulfilling result. One of joy, one of security, one whereupon something foundational will be built. Keep in mind sometimes foundations need adjusting, you've just adjusted yours. It will take time to see it. Relax, but don't. In other words, the labor and work you've endured and done will be life long. Enjoy moments of respite and sweetness in their fullness.

Your magic this cycle: instilling joy in your dwelling places by means of flowers, plants and laughing.


Photo Sep 09, 10 46 21 AM.jpg

9 of Wands

You may be bearing a psychic wound at this time, that is in the process of being seen and actively healed, this can be painful. What this needs is safe boundaries in which to do so. Your earth is perhaps parched and cracked at the ending of this season and you need nourishing waters to regain the stirring of life and cycles of decomposition that make way for growing supple soil. Take heed of the signs around you indicating this.

Your magic this cycle: boundary plants that instill healing of the land: hawthorn, rose, blackberry, poison oak.


Photo Sep 09, 10 46 12 AM.jpg


Something has given way and crumbled in your life and not necessarily in the negative sense, but in that shift of where your feet stand and where you're at. Something has given way to a new opening, a new path, a newer way of being that is more beneficial to your life at this time. Some pain may be involved, but where one door may slam in your face, another opens. Your curiosity benefits you to check all the doors, but don't linger at the ones who will not open!

Your magic this cycle: reapers, harvest festivals.


Photo Sep 09, 10 46 01 AM.jpg

7 of Wands

Stand your ground. You are so very well suited to this task, but don't become bitter though it. Opposition may surround you or challenge your beliefs. Those you thought in support of you, may show a different side. Stay curious, stay open, hear their words, but if you find it incoherent to the core of your truth, find a high ground by not partaking of their pettiness. You know your own truth.

Your magic this cycle: high hills and vantage points.


Photo Sep 09, 10 45 54 AM.jpg

The Hanged Man

You might find yourself in an uncomfortable position this cycle, or be a place where everything has turned upside down. The key to this is not to fight it, not to struggle to make it all right side up again. The key is to relax into this strangeness of perspective because it's here that you will find the magic you've long been seeking. It might require a sacrifice, but it will all be worth it.

Your magic this cycle: world trees and the axis mundi: oak, ash and thorn.


Photo Sep 09, 10 45 45 AM.jpg

3 of Wands

The sun does not shine on this part of the moon for you, however this is power in the shadows and much to be derived from. Here you can step through a threshold after perhaps a time that has left you feeling worn and tattered by your hard work and diligence. Stand in a place with a view that gives you the lay of the land and how you've navigated it thus far. Appreciate your own work and stay open to what comes to you through it.

Your magic this cycle: the comings and goings of your enterprise, maps of all sorts, especially the ones you create.


Photo Sep 09, 10 45 36 AM.jpg

Knight of Cups

If you have found yourself inactive, now is the time to shift your energy to active seeking. A Knight pursues passionately and relentlessly in their quests and errands. Find modes of decisiveness, pick a course and do not stray, also recognize the difference between distraction and a side quest that is part of the main mission. Feel this, don't over think it.

Your magic this cycle: locked gaze and the wisdom of equines.


Photo Sep 09, 10 45 22 AM.jpg

King of Pentacles

Look to the condition of your kingdom to determine what needs to be done. How do the soils look? How are the trees faring? How is your work and how is your people? Utilize this time, your power and this cycle to get your things in order. To situate them in a way that provides security and a safe foundation of movement.

Your magic this cycle: bringing order to the space you inhabit.


Photo Sep 09, 10 45 13 AM.jpg

4 of Swords

Lay down your arms, your weapons and find sanctuary to meditate before you act, before you embark anew. All great quests and adventures need that space before and between to collect, to rest, to sharpen your tools before going back out. Use this time to reconvene with yourself and find a place within to rest amid what might have been chaotic.

Your magic this cycle: well cared for tools of your trade.


2 of Pentacles

A sweeping call for balance. This will always be a juggling process an the pendulum will swing from one space to another. The exercise and lesson is being able to bring yourself back to center. This is tied to your body and your finances. Don't despair when you feel you don't have it all right, you'll find the way back.

Your magic this cycle: finding symmetry, meditative practices involving your hands.


Photo Sep 09, 10 44 55 AM.jpg

4 of Wands

Wherever you go, there you are. Spaces that are foundational to you are very important at this time. How you spend your time there, how you contribute, what you want and need from it are all very valuable to consider at this time. A sense of home is something you're redefining right now. Go where there is joy, welcome and doors swung open upon your arrival and sweet farewells when you leave.

Your magic this cycle: bonfire gatherings and adornments of the home, your people.


Photo Sep 09, 10 44 45 AM.jpg

The Lovers

Love and relationship will be your focus this cycle, but moreover the choices that are presented to you within that. Major shifts may be happening in this front. Do your best not to be swept away. Find good firm ground with which to think from and find the best direction for you. You will have no trouble acting from your heart and in this you know what is best for you.

Your magic this cycle: heirloom apples or fruits, decisions made by coin toss.

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New Moon in Leo Tarot Horoscopes

Welcome to this cycle of the New Moon horoscopes, I hope that y'all find them resonant to your sign. Consider reading for both your sun sign, and your rising sign, as they can both be helpful. You can find your rising sign through or or any natal chart generator.

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Many of us have been left feeling like we barely survived July and this eclipse season. But here you are: still breathing, heart still beating, witnessing the rise and fall of the sun, the shift of the moon, the grasses becoming golden, the day light hours becoming a little bit shorter.

Our collective cards for this next cycle sit thusly: Strength, Three of Swords and the Two of Wands.

Photo Aug 11, 8 08 45 AM.jpg

In my own heart, I can feel the raw piercing emotions of the Three of Swords. Collectively, this has already taken place for us. It isn't actively happening right now. The swords were already drawn and bared down so thoroughly through our hearts. This is a loss or sadness we already carry. The shock and dismay may have transpired through last cycle and here we see ourselves moving through these emotions.

With Strength preceding this card, it is a reminder that we have the tenacity, the will to direct our raw power into new parts of our journey. All of us are getting an overhaul in some part of our lives. These qualities were with us before the shit hit the fan, we may not have known it though at the time. But here you are, on the other side of it all, heart wrenched, but feet firmly logged into the ground.

The Three of Swords tells us not to turn a blind eye to our emotions, to what our hearts are feeling in the ways of pain and loss. We need to move through them lest they become monsters that haunt us for some time.

In the tumultuousness of it all, we would do well to do self examination from a place that gives us a view of the full scope our situations, this is the Two of Wands. A place where we can plan, formulate and turn to ways of moving forward. Growth is in store here, as it is when it is preceded by the nourishment of our attentions.

And if you have not cried in some time, it may do you well to allow yourself the gift of that release.



Photo Aug 11, 8 03 38 AM.jpg

5 of Pentacles

Rations may be feeling low this cycle but you may also let yourself in and away from harsh elements, inoculating your space and yourself from things that detract you on your course. It may not seem this way at first, but you will acclimate. Extravagance is not advised at this time. Conditions will eventually give way to a clearing and rebirth of abundance in all senses of the word.

You magic this cycle: tree bark and roots, being thrifty.


Photo Aug 11, 8 04 07 AM.jpg

3 of Pentacles

What are you building and who are you co-creating with? They need to be those who will put in the work and support you. Those who are impeding this progress might not deserve the gift of your time. These are beginning stages of a foundation that will play out deeply into your future. The rest of the structures stability is all dependent on the integrity of the foundation. Who and what do you build with?

Your magic this cycle: drafting plans, the closest of allies.


Photo Aug 11, 8 04 16 AM.jpg

10 of Wands

Your activities, do the burden of them blind you? If this is a truth you need to rest and regroup your priorities for the sake of your self and boundaries. Curiosity leads you many places, but find an organization so that you're not scattered about. Collect and sort so that you may see your way through any entanglements you carry.

Your magic this cycle: blackberry leaf tea, avoiding metaphorical bramble thickets.


Photo Aug 11, 8 04 31 AM.jpg

3 of Swords

Perhaps you were the sign most deeply moved and hit this last cycle, you're still swimming in an ocean of emotions. Don't linger too long for fear of drowning and don't deny the weight and gravity of your own experiences, do not dismiss them. Feel, weep and know there's another side to this coin. Trust the process and allow tears to nourish the ground holding seeds that will awaken from dormancy.

Your magic this cycle: Tending to seeds, house plants and gardens - watering them.


Photo Aug 11, 8 04 41 AM.jpg

Page of Cups

Truth you for this cycle is rooted in the intuition of your youthful, young self. The part that knows the messages incoming, that voice of knowing – to be your guide. Curiosity must be open and flowing, without the conditions of judgment that grow into unmanageable beasts as adults and can obstruct this flow. Find the obstruction should it exist and work to undo as a child would. Nothing is outlandish.

Your magic this cycle: favorite animal/pet/stuffed animal as a child, your art.


Photo Aug 11, 8 04 58 AM.jpg

7 of Wands

Some may question your methods, your motives, but you know what is good for you and you know what is true for you. You are prone to nervousness in what others think, but rooting yourself well in your body and your course is the right action to take. They will bear down on you, but you will find a high point amid a sea of chaotic energy. It's actually not as bad as it seems.

Your magic this cycle: good posture, high points: hills, mountains, boulders.


Photo Aug 11, 8 05 11 AM.jpg

9 of Cups

There's been a great deal of work around an emotional matter, it's seen you through joy and sorrow, mirth and visions, rejection and walking away from something that meant a great deal, all leading you to this singular point and cusp of culmination of deep fulfillment. There will be one more phase, then many others. Wishes granted when staying the course that is true to yourself. However this habitat is sensitive, so tend and walk carefully.

Your magic this cycle: rich watersheds, a beloved beverage vessel.


Photo Aug 11, 8 05 30 AM.jpg

2 of Swords

You've come to an impasse. Damming the flow of emotions and thoughts will not serve you well at this time, as the moon shifts so to do the tides. If there is one thing that water dislikes the most it is being blocked from flow and moment. It would be wise to uncross your heart and open that valve a little bit, even if just a millimeter. The pressure may build to extremes if left unchecked. In doing so, something will be revealed.

Your magic this cycle: free flowing creeks and undamed rivers, moon magic.


Photo Aug 11, 8 05 43 AM.jpg

4 of Cups

Your nature contains naturally a deep restlessness, but now calls for a time of repose and meditation. Sturdy your back against something solid and secure and think on what sits before you, before making a move. Of this an opportunity may come your way and to unbusy yourself will put you more in the way of receiving it.

Your magic this cycle: forest bathing, meditation practice.


Photo Aug 11, 8 06 00 AM.jpg

4 of Pentacles

It's time to put yourself, your possessions and your time on lock. These are precious commodities that need to be protected at this time. Some form of withdraw you may find helpful, however maybe more difficult said than done. Dig back into old treasures and keep keys hidden and out of sight to those eyes need not fall on them.

Your magic this cycle: keys and chest. 


Photo Aug 11, 8 06 09 AM.jpg

Queen of Wands

A call for heat and warmth to enter your being if you've found yourself too cool. Femme fire magics and allies that take the form of sleek felines are needed at this time. This energy is one that is generated from an inward attention, that then radiates outward. In this, you'll find yourself in a loving rulership of your own sovereignty and queendom. Any challenges and adversity will be overcome with your own radiating force and hearty laughter

Your magic this cycle: sun beams, bouquets with sunflowers and cats.


Photo Aug 11, 8 06 18 AM.jpg


This marks the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new. Change is not easy, bu something that dies will give way to new life, new pathways, new ways of being. The best course of action is to be the fish you are and swim with the current. There are times to fight and times to move with efficiency, move with the grace and wisdom you have deep in your own being. Look to the rising sun, each day is a new beginning. 

Your magic this cycle: white roses for peace, dawn.   

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New Moon in Cancer Tarot Horoscopes

Hello friends. Over on my Instagram I've been sharing little lunar tarot based horoscopes for folks. It was requested by a few that I put this up in a place that can be referenced without the limitations of the 2 hour time window of the fun stories feature on Instagram. So, here I am, and here we are. This gives a lot more room for expression and extrapolation.

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Photo Jul 11, 5 16 09 PM.jpg

Our collective response and need for this particular lunation is highlighted by the Hanged Man and the Ace of Swords. The Moon is naturally at home in the sign of Cancer and here we can see the stirrings of truths that come to light through having our world, or our perception of it, upended. Cancer is a sign of the home, the mother and nurturing. This new moon urges us inwards a bit and to nestle down and relax into places in ourselves that may cause emotional discomfort. It is from this place that we can gain an advantageous source of clarity, despite the fact it seems like the opposite.

The Hanged Man surrenders to their position, they relax into it. In this surrendering and trusting of ourselves, we will each come to a clarity around a matter in our lives around this lunar cycle. The Ace of Swords affirms the victory of this truth in store for us. Trust your process, be soft with yourself, witness your pains and treat them gently, as they will open the way to a greater understanding of yourself.


Read for both your sun sign and rising sign. Don't know you rising sign? You'll need to exact time, date and place of birth to determine it.  You can use,, or


uusi pagan otherworlds ace of pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

Earthly abundance is on your side at this time, Aries. Secure your foundation and keep a strong tether there for this cycle, for it is here that abundance and the fruition of your visions will manifest into physical reality. Tend, nurture, feed and dig deep. Bring only your most trusted into your sanctuary, share and it will return to you.

Your magic for this cycle: Bare feet on the ground, flower medicine, root vegetables.



Page of Pentacles

Approach with curiosity to what is showing up for you. Don't be quick to judge, look at the situation from all sides, study and observe with a child like mind. This cycle it will be good to nurture your young inner person and perhaps revisit practices that enlivens this part of yourself. Be mindful of messages coming in that prick your ears up, for they contain vital and interesting information useful to your growth and unfolding.

Your magic for this cycle: Return to an old book, childhood comfort food, self-study.



The Chariot

Your willpower needs to be reined in at this time, as the Twin of the zodiac, it is time to unite the polarity of your dual nature to accomplish a task at this time. This may seems a daunting work for you under current circumstances, but trust that in this deep work, you will come out victorious. Something powerful blooms under this cycle for you. Bring the two parts into a whole, center yourself and charge forth on your errand.

Your magic for this cycle: grounding practice, lunar magic, joyride.



8 of Cups

This lunation may have you feeling very very deeply, as you are one of the deepest feelers in the zodiac. Something in this is causing a restlessness you may not be able to shake. You feel you must go, and if you feel stuck, you must go in whatever shape or form that takes for you. Sadness may nip of the periphery, but trust that in your journey of movement through the cycle some revealing will come your way. Trust that solitude will feed you at this time.

Your magic for this cycle: the ocean, a long walk, nourishing waters.



Three of Pentacles

Gather round your closest collaborators, your dearest support network to lay the foundation of something you've been longing to build. Show your work to those who will give you the truest feedback so that you can create and see the flourishing of what vision you long have held. Seek an elder, seek a peer. Lay carefully your foundation, as this may be the one to support you for a long time coming.

You magic this cycle: rough drafts, stones, your closest allies.



Two of Cups

If love is a subject of concern for you, keep yourself open and in a place to receive this love. Approach with curiosity and gentleness and do what you can to limit your own self doubts. You are worthy. Period. There is no question to your worthiness. If not another person, this love should be generated to yourself. Uniting polarities within for wholeness. 

Your magic for this cycle: acts of self care, river water, honey.



King of Pentacles

Sovereignty of self, of your own personal domain, wealth and prosperity and how you accumulate and manage these things is at the forefront right now. You are very capable of these endeavors and of generating the security you desire. Your gaze should not be too far ahead, or too far behind you, but what is in your hands now will inform how you get there.

Your magic for this cycle: self stewardship, forest bathing, hoofed creatures.



Page of Cups

Your intuitive levels are flying high right now. Trust the messages being received at this time. Look at them critically, but also seek for that underlying message from spirit, the under current of which you are well familiar with. Feelings are not always facts, but for now, trust they will guide you well in any major decision making processes. Stay light of heart.

Your magic this cycle: tide pools, herbal teas, consulting an oracle.



5 of Cups

Mourn the loss, but do not linger for too long. For this cycle, minimize distractions that get in the way of your own healing. Check emotional thought patterns and redirect the flow if at all possible. The goodness of love and blessings is quite near to you, there needs to be a shift in perception. Do the thing that brings in personal joy for yourself. 

Your magic for this cycle: creative practice, a river visit, star/sky gazing.



The World

You've endured a whole host of ordeals and tribulations and blessings leading up to this point. Some seen, some unseen, some external and some internal battles. This lunar cycle is is going to pivot you from an ending to the precipice of beginning, but with all the knowledge gathered from previous experiences informing your steps forward. Be mindful. Put yourself in a place to be seen, be with those who deeply see you.

Your magic for this cycle: making an announcement, vulnerability, tree magic. 




Unchecked primal power can be highly destructive and yet in the wake of destruction much is revealed and we learn much about ourselves and our base reactions. It is likely that you've already got a handle on this pulse of power, and now is the time to trust this process of the understanding you've come to inhabit. Others may find you foolish to caress the mouth of the bear, but your most potent magic is to be found in the ecstasy of this thrill. 

Your magic for this cycle: lunar worship, bear magic, tree roots.



4 of Pentacles

Be mindful of where your physical energies are moving at this time. Account for your personal belongings and monetary assets. You may need to hold them close, you may need to put them under lock and key, you may need to be mindful of who you open that up to and who you grant access. This extends to matters of the heart. Protect yourself, but not at the cost of resisting a beautiful opportunity.

Your magic for this cycle: keys, secrets kept, wind in the leaves.


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In my daily walks to and from my yurt my eyes are caught by various little beings. Some more vibrantly and shockingly than others. In our mixed days of spring, where the air is cool, then warm, then the sky cloudy, heavy and sometimes sunny, warm rains and some cold mists... a small flower kept catching my eye. Small white flowers, pink and purple at the tips dot the landscape, like clusters of stars in patches of grass, here and there. Simple daisy flowers. Continually they caught my fascination. Each soft petal of perfection, with a bright yellow center. They appeared soft, joyful and gentle.

I had long been holding the desire to make a flower essence. Something about the process seemed weirdly complicated to me, or like I would need the necessary supplies and perfect conditions to make my fragile essence of soft white flowers.

Each time I walked by them, the desire and call to make an essence grew and grew, to a fevered pitch that would not be ignored. I took this as an indicator that the plant was indeed calling, and we were reaching out to one another, to unify in some way.

Without my perfect conditions, tools and supplies I found the following: a unmarked glass bowl, a pair of regular scissors, a pretty bottle I bought for future (flower) mother essence holding and a skunk cabbage leaf to hold the snipped flowers. I checked the time and planetary hour. It just so happened to be the hour of Venus, on the day of Venus, while she is stationed in the sign of Gemini. The sun had three hours left on the day and was beaming golden and warm as it set in the west. The moon, waning, indicative of a time where we begin to shift inward as the moon becomes increasingly dark.

Medicine happens out of necessity.

And so I went to the most vibrant little cluster of flowers and asked them to impart their wisdom, healing and essence into the water I had collected from our tap, that comes from our clean well. I whispered my words over them and then went about the task of snipping the flowering tops while collecting them without touching them into the wide skunk cabbage leaf. I was mindful of my thoughts and turned them towards a soft childlike curiosity. I placed them carefully on the surface of the water, one by one in the waning golden light. Once the surface was covered, I set it up high on some bricks, surrounded by sage and yarrow to collect the light and then collect the shifting lights, the light of dusk and darkening hours. Carrying her soft medicine into shifting tides.

daisy flower essence

The time had come to collect it, it was in the crepuscular hours, when many creatures emerge, when the air shifts, when a coolness descends upon our little valley... I decanted the magical water into my beautiful bottle and topped it off with some vodka to preserve it. Brandy seemed too dark, to off a color for this delicate little flower and her pure clear essence.

daisy flower essence

My emotional state surrounding all this had been quite anxious. A sense of darkness and doom surrounded me. It was not halting me from operating in the day to day, but it most certainly created obstacles for me in my focus an general well being.

The next morning while it was quite early, I sat over my ritual of journaling, meditation and coffee. The bottle shown clear and shimmering at me from my table. I decide to take a strong dose of the mother essence and see what came up, with no prior knowledge to this flower in essence form.

I quieted myself and tuned into my body. I was feeling frustrated towards social obligations, behind, anxious, a little gloomy, emotionally drained and tapped out.

I took three drops under the tongue and let it settle there. I breathed deeply.

A soft radiant warmth washed down from my clavicle, over my heart and settled neatly into my pelvic bowl and gut. The feeling was that my whole torso was enlivened with a warmth and bubbling feeling in my gut. Slowly, amid my responsibilities I had for the day, a joy surfaced and I was able to smile. Even though I had tasks to attend to, I was much calmer about them. It reinstated my joy in being.

The more I sat, I got the sense of being held very gently at the back of my neck. Like a mother would support the neck of her young infant child. My thoughts turned to the gentle pinks and purple splashes of color on some of the flowers and loving femme nature this flower possesses. The intention of this being made and gathered under the guise of Venus should not be lost on the user. There is very much a nurturing femme quality to this blend. Encouraging us to soften where we may harden off, or close our eyes.

My worries did not dissipate, but it gave me a soft nurturing and joyful influences with which to approach and carry forward with in my condition, in a more constructive way.

A few scant drops lingered in my glass dropper and I rubbed them into my hand and began to shuffle my tarot cards to see if this little English daisy would like to speak through the cards.

Two of Cups + The Hermit

daisy flower essence and tarot

The Two of Cups suggests a unification within us and outside of us (as within so without) like a reconciliation of our parts. We all desire to merge and I believe that a good practice in this work starts with ourselves. This card also holds quite a bit of joy in that unification. This is the erotic, sympathetic attraction. Which should be recognized that when we are called strongly to make a medicine, this is eroticism in action... The Hermit speaks to carrying this light, the light that this particular flower collects into the darkness. That this then generates an ability within us to hold on to this guiding light and joy and not become lost, as we are in transition or undergoing transformation, or quiet introspection.

All flowers are naturally of the realm of Venus.  

Daisy may be a corruption of “day's eye” and can be sourced from the Anglo-Saxon doeges-sege meaning “eye of the day” as the flower is open during the day, and closing at night. Bellis seems to have its etymological roots in the word, “pretty” and perennis meaning “everlasting” - so here we have Beauty Everlasting, Eye of the Day. Who would not want to carry her into the night in a lovely safe container, or lantern such as the Hermit carries?

There is also perhaps a legend, but I cannot find any proof if it in classical texts of the Roman god Vertumnus giving chase to the nymph Belides of who the genus of this was named after. In his quest to dominate and seduce her, she transformed herself into a daisy, thus escaping him.

In this, it made me wonder these stories of women and nymphs transforming themselves into a plants, flower or bird to escape their oppressor. Why do we have these stories and myths? To give solace to the oppressed, to find wisdom in our traumas be they personal, collective or handed down through generations.

Upon further exploration of the Belides, we find that this is another name for the Danaides. The 50 daughters of Danaus. Ovid gave them the name Belides, which stems from the name of their grandfather, Belus. These daughters were made to marry the sons Aegyptus, a king born of a river god and watery nymph, and then compelled to to murder their husbands on the first night. All of them did this with the exception of one. The 49 daughters who did commit the crime, were subsequently punished, and made to pour water into a bottomless vessel. 

There's much to explore from such a humble low growing flower...  

And so, after having sat with this delicate medicine this is what I feel it has to offer those who have need of her wisdom, grace and gentleness.

  • To reinstate soft, compassionate joy.

  • Holding a light while going into darkness.

  • Exploring purity and innocence of our being.

  • Warm gentle Venusian support.

  • Joy amid our responsibilities.

  • Maintain a tether to joy and softness as we shift into deep introspection.

  • Sweet bubbly feelings in the gut.

  • Turning into our torso: clavicle, heart, gut and pelvic regions.

This essence will be available in my shop. Presented in a small ½ ounce bottle with a dropper and a hand-painted label infused with the daisy essence itself. Just a reminder, all Patreon supporters receive 5% off in my shop, no matter the donation level $1-$20.


  • The Herbal Medicine Makers Handbook by James Green



  • Native American Ethnobotany by Daniel Moerman

Beginning in Tarot Part 1: Books & Resources

So, you wanna learn how to read tarot? Or you have a deck and don't know exactly where to begin. That's what this little series is here to cover!


I'm gunna start off light and easy here and cover books and resources because this is a question I get asked the most.

Since books, websites and resources are a huge help when getting started with your tarot practice, I want to do this first. This is by no means a super comprehensive list, but a great place to start. You don't need a lot of books on the tarot to learn how to read it. These are books I have read myself, know of through other folks who opinion or publishing I hold in high esteem.

This list is short and sweet, as too much will muddle your mind. Books and resources are great, because they can open you up to new ways of seeing the cards and diving deeper into mythological and historical meaning. That said, the best way to learn the meaning of the cards is so simple: look at the card and notice what you see and feel come up around your situation. There's your meaning.


78 Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack

The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot - Ever! by Dusty White

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by A. E. Waite

The Ultimate Guide to the Rider-Waite Tarot by Johannes Fiebig 

Tarot for Yourself by Mary Greer

21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card by Mary Greer

Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen

The Game of Saturn by Peter Mark Adams


Biddy Tarot  

The Tarot Lady 

Little Red Tarot (Queer friendly!) + Alternative Tarot Course! 

The Queer Tarot Project 

Learn Tarot (so simple and wonderful)

The Wild Unknown One by One 

And there y'all have it! Let me know if you have any questions at all, or if there's something very specific you'd like for me to cover around tarot for my next post.