Hi there.

Blood Moon Botanica is run by me, Britton.

The idea for this project was born during the bloody full moon lunar eclipse in Aries in September '15. I make everything by hand, my own personal recipes, from scratch. I started this line is because these are the products I make for myself and use everyday and I like to share them. I have been formulating bath and body goods for 8 years now over at my first business Haus of Gloi. I still run production over there full time, but this is my side project and little baby now that Haus of Gloi is all grown up and doing its own thing. I've been studying herbalism for a few years now and have worked that and my love of wild crafting into the stuff I put on my body. There's something so special about going out, gathering beautiful wild plants and using them to care for your body, your mind, and spirit.

Wild crafted plants capture memory, place, time. They can heal us and they speak to us.

It's magic.

And I love magic.

One of the reasons I am opening this little shop is because in April of 2017, I will be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. That kind of adventure requires funds, so I'm gunna hustle what I do best: making awesome products... and then some. The profits from this venture will go towards funding my 2660 mile hike through California, Oregon and Washington on the PCT, maintaining this website and a seed fund for attending my dream herbalism school. So, know that your purchase will be helping me save money for an arduous journey and bringing wild medicine to the people!

Please be mindful that some of the items in this shop will be seasonal. Wild crafted plants are not in endless supply and I harvest only what I need for an intended purpose.

I source all of my ingredients from small business suppliers right here in the Northwest. I procure as local as possible.

Please read about my Shipping and Returns before making a purchase! Or read my Tarot Ethics and Questions if you're wanting a tarot reading.