New Moon in Pisces + Mercury Rx Horoscopes

Welcome to your New Moon in Pisces horoscopes...


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Before this New Moon in Pisces begins, we have Mercury slowing down, also in Pisces. Even as I write this, it's a little bit more behind schedule than I would like.

There seems to be a collective popular panic around Mercury retrogrades. And indeed it can mess with some of us for sure. However, Mercury being a fast pace planet and seeing as how we live in a culture obsessed with speed of communication, commerce and transmissions, it can do us some good to slow down a bit. Mercury forces us into this when he begins his backwards track...

One of the best ways to handle this time, is to not fight it. Feel into the shift of the current and move with it. Don't fight upstream in this celestially shift – as this is where you can encounter obstacles and increased challenges.

Uranus moves right into Taurus as well with this New Moon. There may be some rather heavy shock-waves felt in some area of your life at this time. A vision of a bull descending from heaven and running into ocean waves on a moonless night, is what comes to mind.

Uranus is a force of shock and disruption. There may be rumblings in some aspect of your life at this time.

Myself for example, I will be relocating to an entirely different ecosystem this month! Uranus transits my 4th house of home and foundations.

Our collective card this Lunar cycle is, unsurprisingly the Ace of Cups.

Photo Mar 05, 12 00 08 PM.jpg

An out-flowing and in-flowing of water.

A New Moon is a sensitive time, where we are somewhat in the dark about matters. We must sense with our hands, our smell, our feelings... Intuition is our guide here. Especially in the feeling and mystical sign of Pisces. Setting of intentions for this fresh new moon may be best done from a dreaming point.

As the moon grows this cycle, it is its fullest on the Spring Equinox. This will be a powerful surge of energy as we enter into forward moving Aries season.

Like sap rising from winter dormancy, we can see the budding and eventual flowering of dreams and ideas st forth.

Like all the Aces, you must have an open palm to receive this nourishing water of the Ace of Cups. This kind of goodness can't flow into a closed fist. With Mercury slowing, we may find ourselves tightening up.

Water hates to be obstructed from the natural course of it's flow.

Ace of Cups promises deep nourishment. This is a call to an open palm of receptivity.

Please read for your Sun sign and your rising sign. You can find you rising sign by entering your time, date and place of birth into a chart generator, such as

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A time to renegotiate where and where not you are receiving what you need at this time. Check in with your resources. Where might you be giving to much, with too little return? Where and what are you giving, that is in turn giving back to you. What this giving back looks like, is affirming, loving, nourishing. It helps balance you. The only way to know is to do however. You must send it out and see in what shape it returns to you. Get deep into states of other. If something needs to die, let it.


The core of your identity may be being shook up to such depths, to such shock, you still don't quite know how to process. Symptoms may include agonizing, grief, sleepless and restless nights. This is OK. Settle into a place of familiar comfort and security – do not isolate. If tending to loved ones, your people, your community has fallen to the wayside – reignite this. You will find solace and healing here. Tend and nurture yourself and them.


Photo Mar 05, 11 23 41 AM.jpg

Running on instinct and at a gut level of what you start now will reveal itself to be something rather magnificent. The key here to this energy is to act slowly, carefully, consciously so that you may achieve supreme precision. This is your goal. Watch what bubbles up and try it on. If it doesn't fit for you, then move on to what is next in your design. An Ace is always a great opportunity and purity of energy, but it is how we wield this that matters. Apply this to your work, your community and always to the growth of yourself. There will be a crowning victory.


Photo Mar 05, 11 23 32 AM.jpg

Advocate for yourself if you have felt bogged down by the weight and fog of others noise. If you have unwillingly activated your defense system for self care, for boundary making, to tend and to nurture yourself – now is the time to set to exploring these things again. There may be a good deal of feeling lack of clarity at this time, but as you feel and sense your way though it (a thing that is very natural to you) and as this moon grows so too will your clarity.


Photo Mar 05, 11 23 21 AM.jpg

You may very well find yourself at a crossroads currently. Something perhaps that rules a primal element of your life may be stewing just below the surface at this time. This is a deep wake-up that will be persistent in calling to you until you acknowledge it. Pay heed to what was and had been, let it die off and return to the soil to nurture this long dormant thing you hold very dearly.


Photo Mar 05, 11 23 12 AM.jpg

Find a steady way to infuse the qualities of fire into yourself, if you are feeling stuck energy. The way that you relate to a specific other person, to yourself, to those you engage with in a close and intimate way may benefit from an infusion of your willingness to expand from your harbor into new places of experience. While you turn inward to understand more, this will enable you to push outward into greater depth of experiencing and bonding.


Under this New Moon you may feel it important to nourish and tend to the health and waters of your body. You're in a powerful position to do so and start something new from it. This will require all of the elements to work, but they are totally at your disposal at this time. Vision what health to your body and physical being is at this time and what it looks like for you. Lean in to nourish, nourish the dream. And above all don't let anyone else set the standard but yourself and the love of what/who you are.


Photo Mar 05, 11 22 57 AM.jpg

You are no stranger to what it feels like to sting, but to be stung may bring of feelings of past failures and disappointments. Each sting is an opportunity for examination. Sometimes these things pay out in patterns until we full understand, digest and transform the message. You are being called to look deeply into a feeling to better understand the process of transformation of it. The only way out, is through. This experience will lead to deep enrichment of the ground you stand on and inhabit.


Photo Mar 05, 11 22 49 AM.jpg

You might be feeling trapped and bound by a situation on a foundational level, on a home level. Home has many definitions and this one is your own. A limit of your freedom is detrimental to who you are at your core. If there is something that stifles you, blocks you, triggers you, now is the time to address and to work it out. An easy way through this is to realize it's mostly an illusion. You have control, you have the power to do what you need for you and the health of yourself. Take agency.


Photo Mar 05, 11 22 41 AM.jpg

Vision it and it will be, dream it and it will be. But you must speak it into existence for it to become truly manifest. If thought patterns have been one of scarcity and without, you will need a shift into one of abundance and of havingness. There is no magic pill here though, you must do the work to see these dreams through. If your vision is one of tarnish, this is what will be manifest. You have the blossoming power to turn everything you touch, to gold.


This New Moon calls you to leave unneeded distractions and to understand and differentiation what is a positive and negative distraction. What feeds you, or depletes you. Once this is known you will be able to clearly unite your will into a powerful force of forward movement. This will require some slowness before you can connect it all and ride forth. You may find it somewhat uncomfortable settling into these new digs, but give it this cycle and see what is growing as the moon reaches its fullness.


Photo Mar 05, 11 22 28 AM.jpg

With so much activity happening in your sign, it is a good time to find your place of respite and watch and observe all that is going on. You will need a good safe vantage point to do this work. You may very well find yourself at a threshold this New Moon. Linger here, because here, you will be able to witness the comings and goings of information that will inform, feed and eventually give you deep sustenance.

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