New Moon in Aquarius Horoscopes

January felt like the longest year... erm, I mean month. We are all still integrating what we went through during the eclipses. This can take some time.

This could look like processing fall out.

Processing new developments that occurred.

Processing old habits and patterns that showed their face again.

And yet, even though last month seemed to take forever, it also flew by. It's February 2nd!

Tomorrow on the 3rd the planet of love, possessions and finances, Venus herself will be moving into the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. Here she may give us some new structures in these realms. Bringing all those possible explosions and fireworks that occurred during her time in Sagittarius a place to get grounded, get earthy and think about the long haul.

Around the 13th and 14th, Mars and Uranus will be right on top of one another. Be very mindful on these days. Especially if you are a late Aries in the degrees of 27-29. Think of it in terms of gods: Mars, the god of war, sex, passion and how we fight joins forces with Uranus, planet of rebellion, disruption, shock, electricity and jolts of inspiration... it could be ground breaking, it could make you burst into flames.

Being a late Aries myself, I wrote on my calendar: â€œbe chill. lay low. work.”

Find a place to send this wild energy.

Our cards for this time are beautiful, and speak to what I feel is Venus moving into Capricorn, as it happens just before the new moon.

The Empress and Three of Pentacles


This is Venus herself overseeing and watching the co-creation of something. One thing that Capricorn does so well, is orchestrates matters to be completed and or worked on.

What we are being called to do at this time, during this cycle is nurture ourselves so that we have the energy and resources to build anew, to create.

Creativity needs a source of regeneration, a well to draw upon. If we do not tend to this source place within us, it will run dry, ragged and become brittle.

You cannot build a healthful, thriving, fulfilling structure if it isn't nourished in the right ways.

Three of Pentacles touches upon this goddess like quality, as the number 3 is associated with the Goddess and The Empress is the 3rd Major Arcana card.

With our Aquarian new moon, this is a call to gather and tend your resources in new, innovative, non-traditional ways.

Please read for both your rising and sun sign. You can find your rising sign by using


Knight of Pentacles

Photo Feb 04, 10 08 49 AM.jpg

Eyes narrowed and focused, head down, you forage a path. When resistance shows, and this may come through interactions in groups, or in community you will barrel through any opposition, or anything that gets in your way. Be careful here, be graceful. You don't want to burn others down in your path to your desires.


Page of Pentacles

The beginners mind comes filled with blessings, even if you're doing something you've done before, even if you're working at something you're a master at. By adopting this beginners outlook, you invite in blessings. Stay curious, stay studious. Advancement will come thereof.


7 of Swords

Photo Feb 04, 10 09 20 AM.jpg

You have two routes before you. Each will teach you something and one looks easier than the other. Whichever path you decide to take, choose the one that includes these things: exploration of something wildly new, the spirit lead quest and something that would perhaps take you on a physical journey. Whatever you do, don't take actions that lead to stagnation or familiar comfort. You need to expand.



Photo Feb 04, 10 09 42 AM.jpg

A bit of a reckoning at hand. However, for the positive. Somewhere in some hidden, or sleeping aspect of your life you are being called to. This is a cosmic call, the one that shakes you to your core, the one that wakes that sleeping part up. To heed this, means radical transformation. To do this work, means to cut away the dead and allow new growth.


Two of Cups

Something in the realm of deeply committed relationships and partnerships, be they love or work or friend will be moving for you into a beneficial place. Don't be frightened by polarities, something is meant to merge together. Tap into the erotic.


6 of Pentacles

Photo Feb 04, 10 10 05 AM.jpg

This fresh moon will be good for you to tap into what you know on a deep level: a sense of duty, your work and your body. However, the key here is to be generous with yourself, not just those around you. There's a sense and a call to nurture yourself first, so that you may nurture others. This should be done in ways that are different from your normal approach.


Page of Wands

Photo Feb 04, 10 10 38 AM.jpg

Move in the direction in which you can allow your child-self to have fun in ways that support your self now. How this best looks for you at this time and under this fresh growing moon is, exploration and romance of the self. Seek warmth and seek ways in which you can feel lighter, freer.


5 of Cups

Photo Feb 04, 10 11 43 AM.jpg

Emotional matters surface around home and stable nurturing life structures. You're perhaps suffering from some kind of loss or emotional aches. That's legit, but to wallow doesn't provide a way forward, it only makes you stuck. Feel it, move along to what still stands the test of time, to what's still good and right beside you.


3 of Swords

Sadness, loss and heart pains may be swirling around you. Find your core people and share from the heart. If this is incoming news, an old wound resurfacing or even a loss you initiated... family, chosen or otherwise are here to support. There is a great lesson here for you. This understanding will be revealed through this lunar cycle.


8 of Wands

Photo Feb 04, 10 12 02 AM.jpg

Creativity and messages thereof are coming home to roost. There will be a flurry of movement coming your way, and much to be gleaned and gathered from it. Possibly in the way of income derived from your creative pursuits. Find a way to ground this spectacular energy, as it will grow even more with time.


Knight of Swords

Photo Feb 04, 10 12 09 AM.jpg

A core part of your identity is being shaken up and revised. A part of yourself is undergoing a great shift. Ride the storm, ride the wave, hitch yourself into the current, but be careful you don't over do it. When the way is obfuscated, it means to look down directly at your feet and where you're at. Focus. Hone. Perfect.


2 of Pentacles

Photo Sep 09, 10 45 05 AM.jpg

Waves are rumbling and you're juggling much right now. However, in this you'll be wrapping something up, or in the beginning phase of a cycles of endings. You will traverse this experience through the subconscious, or a dream realm you are already well familiar with. The key here is to remember to plant your feet on the earth from time to time, so you are not swept away.