New Moon in Capricorn Horoscopes

(This cycle I am using some astrology, along with cards to generate each of your horoscopes. You will want your read your horoscope for your rising sign, you can also read it for your sun sign. However, rising sign may be more resonant. You can look up your rising sign through or using an astrological app like co-star, or astro future.

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This is our first new moon of the calendar year and it's a strong one. It will happen this Saturday the 5th, with a Solar Eclipse as well.

New Moon energy is as exactly as it sounds. It's a fresh and powerful new energy that we can work with. It is particularly fortuitous in the realm of beginnings. As you plant your intentions around this moon, they will grow, just as the moon grows in its illumination. What we put forth now, we may see the fruition of around the full moon, or as time naturally unfolds.

Capricorn is a sign is wisdom, discipline and the long game. Ruled by the planet Saturn, we can perhaps view this as a time to reflect upon the structures we build for ourselves. It can help us negotiate between what we find restricting and where we feel freedom. 

Our collective cards for the cycle are, The Magician and the 6 of Pentacles.

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The Magician asks you to make literal magic on this new moon. Write down intentions, burn them in a fire. Carve your wishes into the wax of a candle and watch it as it burns. But moreover here, The Magician wants all of us to own, to know, condense, control and regulate our power in a way that not only serves us, but those around us.

Being of service, giving, are themes of the 6 of Pentacles. The other side of this coin is, being able to receive. For many of us, we do not acknowledge our own hard work or our dedication to personal causes, creations, etc.

The Magician wants you to lean into your power to create and make manifest, the 6 of Pentacles asks how you give and how you receive.

Go make some magic around what you want to build for yourself that nurtures you and sustains you. Send out ripples into the universe, see what returns to you.


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Knight of Cups

This new moon calls for you to release ways of being where you find yourself ridged and brittle. Where you free yourself up, it will elevate you in the realm of your peers, in your work and in your purpose. Allow the truth of who you are to shine forth. This will open a way for greater intuition, that will guide you in your quest of prestige. You're on your way up.


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Ace of Wands

Currently you wield an immense amount of power to set your intentions to task. Here you may find yourself wanting to expand beyond your borders, and it is here that you may find the most growth and a kind of creativity that verges on the erotic. You must step foot outside the places you may usually inhabit.


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The Fool

Deep transformation and healing come when you take leave of deeply oppressive situations. The Fool here calls to you to act in somewhat of an extreme. Find the edge and linger a bit in this otherworldly place. Use your hands to feel the difference between two spaces. Have faith in your heart to know when to jump, or when to playfully skirt the edge, or make a calculated jump into the deepest end.


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5 of Wands

This may be a good time to clear the air of any underlying conflict in partnership, or in matters of contract. Many will be fighting to be heard in whatever dramatic matter that could be consuming your sphere at this time. Nothing is rooted or grounded yet. Find a place of stillness and calm, here is where you sow a seed in secret.


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Ace of Swords

If health matters have been at the forefront of your mind, now is a good time to suss out and establish practices that are sustainable, healthful and not wrapped up in rigidness. Examine where you desire wellness in your body, how you want to implement it in ways that are loving. This period you will strike a resounding clarity and victory.


9 of Wands

Release negative notions of what you are worthy of. If your heart has a soreness, find yourself a cocoon to practice lavish rituals of self care and acts of love upon yourself. A wound may need some healing, tension may need some releasing. Put yourself in the way of a space that will allow you to drop your guard and relax into the lushness of the world.


3 of Wands

You are in a state of pause before you embark anew. What you issued forth last cycle, how has it returned to you? What would you do different and what do you desire more of to feel secure? Decisions now will effect your future foundations and home. Pull away from overly congested spaces, give yourself time alone to think. Here you will be able to regroup, gather yourself up and know how to act when the way seems dimly lit.


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The Seeker

You will find that your best way to communicate your ideas is to do so where you are pressing into unknown territory. Utilize your skills to part the veil of obscurity, in strange places you will find keys to understanding limiting belief systems you need to part ways with. You can achieve this in acts of everydayness, ritual and habit.


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The Magician

You embody powerful magic at this time. Issues around money may be a theme currently, and it is recommended that you be cautious with your resources and how they come to you. This is a time to be thoughtful and careful about what foundations you'd like to develop in the coming year. Utilize all your tools to your benefit, reach far, wide and high. What you carefully aim for, you will strike.


10 of Swords

An immensely pressing weight has imposed itself on you. That may even be an understatement as to how deeply it is effecting you and the very core of your being. You are in the death throws of transformation and it isn't to be taken lightly. However, peace and calm come soon after the consuming darkness. There is an essence to be distilled from your experience and made into medicine that heals. It is almost over.


10 of Wands 

This cycle is about letting go, releasing control over acts of labor that are no longer beneficial to you. This is truly a case of 'less is more' - where can you free up your own resources so that you may complete tasks with your full heart behind it, instead of less than half. Release, so that you may focus and hone your objectives. Letting go will free up obstacles in your path.


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The Hermit

It is time for you to come down off your mountain of contemplation and back into your social spheres, or where you make contact with people who support what, who and how you are. It is good to pull away and recharge, but be wary of doing this at your detriment. Making a commitment will help you succeed in striking a thriving balance.

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