New Moon in Sagittarius Horoscopes

Our collective card this cycle, is the Two of Swords.

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With my pendulum, I asked what direction this card is wanting us to lean into. Firstly, comes thoughts of water, ebb and flow and naturally that is a given in this card. The moon hangs very clearly in her sickle shape, the very phase we're entering right now. This pulls on our emotions, the waters of our body.

My pendulum indicated this card was more on boundaries. So, I write this with introverts, witches and those who often find themselves residing in otherness – in mind.

It takes a great effort to keep out influences we'd rather not be impacted by, especially in our day to day life. Swords are heavy, and it requires resiliency and strength to protect what needs protecting. Over time, this practice becomes a skill and one that can serve us well – but there's a fine line we must balance between how it can isolate us, or bring us renewing solitude.

There are times in our life, where it is better to remove the blindfold and lay down the swords.

At this time, the blindfold isn't making us blind, but grants us the ability to expand into other areas of awareness – particularly from within. This boundary holding, heightens sensitivities that would otherwise be dulled and ignored. We move through cycles where protection needs to be honored and upheld.

Sometimes, we need permission to hold boundaries – or to be given a reminder that protecting and managing this space is OK. Dominant culture isn't exactly supportive of the internal journey, of cultivation of our gifts that are rooted in our intuition.

You know what needs protecting and space to move and grow.

Under this Sagittarius new moon, it is an opportunity to allow something to flourish and expand under boundaries that you hold for yourself.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot 4 of wands

4 of Wands

Home things are at the center for you. What home is for you, is your own definition. Under this new moon, you're efforts to make manifest what you desire around a home will be honored and granted. You must tell the universe in your own special way how this looks and feels for you. Whatever it is, it is injected with joy, where your fire may have a hearth to rest.

Your magic this cycle: Making what you want known to the world and universe. Declare it and it will be.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot the seeker

The Seeker

You're on the mission of the seeker. You hedge two worlds and something is shifting. This card does not have a place in this deck, it floats freely. You know how to ground yourself, it is the unknown that shakes your foundations. Part the veil, peer in. Better to know than not.

Your magic this cycle: liminal spaces, doors, crossroads, forest edge, where sky meets earth.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot three of pentacles

3 of Pentacles

In the collaboration of community you will find ways to build something magnificent. You could go it alone, but here you're your very best when actively participating and being involved. Stay curious, stay open and lean in on what creates harmonious structure and solidity.

Your magic this cycle: cairns and community.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot 5 of swords

5 of Swords

In this card they say, “one a path, the other a plot” you want to take the route of the path. Do not let yourself get sucked into mental quicksand. You will know what is right and what is wrong for you, by what is to be gained from it. Proving a point at the expense of something, or taking the higher road where you might gain understanding and perspective?

Your magic this cycle: Storms when they have come and then pass.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot justice


This is the cause and effect of your actions made manifest in the here and now. Every moment you have the opportunity to right your ship and move in the direction that is most befitting for you. What this looks like is balance, responsibility, decisiveness and upholding your morals.

Your magic this cycle: A flower essence for clarity.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot 5 of pentacles

5 of Pentacles

Be wary of the negative effects of scarcity thinking. Snow does eventually melt, giving way to nourishing waters, nourishing foods. Sometimes this phase is a part of the process. Bolster yourself in these times and know that wellness is just over the horizon.

Your magic this cycle: Snowscapes.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot knight of cups

Knight of Cups

Time to move out of the analytical and into the realm of emotive waters. This is action however, this is a quest. Your capacity for logic is of benefit, but of even greater benefit to you now is your intuitive capacity. Let that be your guide and surely you will find what you seek.

You magic this cycle: A chalice to procure your dreams.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot 6 of wands

6 of Wands

Where are your people? Are you with them? Because right now you will be a champion among your closest allies. They will support you and cheer you on into your victory. Flow into the inertia that is being generated and ride the wave. Be sure to find time to ground yourself and seek this from your community. Goodness awaits.

Your magic this cycle: write your wish on a bay leaf and burn it.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot the fool

uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot the fool

The Fool

So much is cosmically situated to bring you in blessings at this time. If you have been facing some fears, they are worth acknowledgment, but not worth letting them rule you. Take the calculated risk. Gallop head first into that blazing sunset as you always do. A new page is turning here.

Your magic this cycle: classic adventure.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot 10 of wands

10 of Wands

Delegate Capricorn! Share your burdens with those who would help you, relinquish a little control. You are capable of shouldering a great weight, but now is the time to set some things down so that you may see a little more clearly. If it feels like a set back to do so, know that this is part of the process. You're doing the right thing.

You magic this cycle: burning away the accumulated past.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot king of wands

King of Wands

It is time to own your charge. “He who reigns within himself and rules his passions, desires, and fears is more than a king.” - John Milton. Reigning in yourself, despite the following contradiction, will be what enables you to expand into new realms, new landscapes and territories. 

Your magic this cycle: tactics employed by a pride of lions.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot page of pentacles

Page of Pentacles 

A childlike curiosity will be your guide this cycle. From this you may receive messages that usher in new discoveries, new understandings that can be put to use as skills later on. The key is the beginners mind, from this you'll gain much.

Your magic this cycle: joy in study and discovery.