New Moon in Libra & Venus Rx

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Fall is settling in deeply. Acorns dropping, leaves shifting color, tree sap slows, plants dying and folding into the soil, or pulling their energy underground... below the surface. This is the season of descent into the underworld.

Venus too begins her underworld descent as she stations retrograde starting Sunday, October 6th. She does so in the sign of Scorpio, which vibrates with notions of death, dark turbulent waters, deep rage shadow, obsession, passion. Venus rules not just love and relationships, but also aesthetics, creativity, what we surround ourselves with and money.

She goes underground for a time being and this can look different for many different people. If you're Venus ruled (Taurus, Libra) you may find this time particularly rough, and yet, deeply revealing. On a personal relatable note, my own natal Venus is retrograde. So, this time usually is one where I feel at home in this manifestation of her expression.

For many, this may be a time of old flames, old obsessions creeping back up. Old wounds being revealed for healing. Healing doesn't always feel good, it can hurt and that is part of the process.

You may find yourself revisiting, or being revisited.

Our cards, collectively for this new moon in Libra are interesting. As I shuffled the deck, one card got stuck to the table as I lifted the others. The Chariot.

The other two, which I positioned under it, 7 of Wands and unsurprisingly the 9 of Swords.

Photo Oct 06, 1 54 11 PM.jpg

7 of Wands would have us obstinately hold our ground amid the burning waters of the 9 of Swords. And this can go two ways. One, we refuse the wisdom that can be found in the agonies and turmoils that are generated as a result of the 9 of Swords.

Or, through diligence of self and directing our will to what we know is good and right for us, we can seek to become solid in our selves as we ride these emotional currents. Letting what needs to surface, surface. To examine carefully and find ways of processing and transforming pain, hurt and those thoughts that keep us up at night, those thoughts that create the illusion we are bound and not free.

The best image that comes to mind, is big oaks holding their ground in a strong flood current. Stay steady.

Overseeing all this is The Chariot and here we see the victories in directing our will... seeing what percolates up from our shadowy subconscious, particularly the bad and the ugly and uniting it with our conscious will. Perhaps for a time, this will seem like a lone venture in doing this work. But as with the Chariot, there is a powerful magical victory at hand. Provided we do the work that needs doing.

This shadowy season is indeed very shadowy.

On to what each sign needs to know for this New Moon in Libra...


The Sun shows its benevolence upon you during this phase. When situations become complicated, act from a place where you've distilled your purest essence. Find solidity in familiarity. You're the eternal optimistic child of the zodiac. Culture and age would have us forget this, wash it out of us, beat it out of us. Find the core you've long held on to. Protect it, but also let it guide you.

Your magic this cycle: late season sunflowers, rays of waning sunlight.


Photo Oct 09, 11 51 30 AM.jpg

With Venus rx you may be feeling this heavily. Do not be burdened by it. Find joy where you're most welcome, invest yourself in these spaces. Adorn your home. Find merriment in your leaving and in your coming. Stick close to home when all is too much, but venture out as to not collect stagnation.

Your magic this cycle: fall decorating and gatherings.


The shadow season may grip you by surprise and quite deeply. Stay curious and stay open, try not to judge too quickly a situation. The Devil can create illusion of bondage and use your natural abilities of curiosity to unravel the knots back to their source. You may need to dig deep here. Be OK with getting messy.

Your magic this cycle: fumigating your space (with cedar, sage, rosemary), situations in which you must loosen knots.


Photo Oct 09, 11 51 58 AM.jpg

Letting warmth, love guide you this cycle. Sounds cliché, but the Queen of Cups works this kind of magic. They also give manifestation to their creative ideas, through diligence and deep focus. Stay tethered to what you know grounds you and yet keep a foot in the world of otherness as you know it. Any work generated during this phase will have long lasting effects.

Your magic this cycle: practicing magic and the arts.


Photo Oct 09, 11 52 09 AM.jpg

Get on some high ground, or up and away from current situations that may cause duress. Only when you have stepped back, may you see clearly a path forward in a matter. This is a must this cycle. Too much involvement will possibly muddle the mind. Trust those who you share your secrets with, scheme and plan, then go forth.

Your magic this cycle: Magic 8 balls, coin tosses for answers.


Photo Oct 09, 11 52 16 AM.jpg

Don't blind yourself with too much work when the going gets hard. Look up, not down. Know when to set a burden down and share the load, otherwise you will find yourself exhausted and possibly withered in your pursuits. You may find that more gets done when you can relinquish some control over a situation.

Your magic this cycle: contemplation via firelight, bonfires.


Along with Taurus, this cycle may be difficult for you. Your remedy? Go to where there is joy, do what generates joy, put yourself in the way of joy. Do not linger for too long in situations that would feed into depressive states. This would mean where there is an ease of flow, ideas reciprocated and what brings delight to the senses.

Your magic this cycle: being romanced again by earthly delights.


Photo Oct 09, 11 52 40 AM.jpg

You may need to go it alone this cycle, following your own light is your best action to take. You wear the significance of your journey like a heavy cloak, keeping out what may cause you harm and ill. The light that leads you, is something you find within and without. As above, so below. Solitude, not isolation, will be a helpful ally in moving forward.

Your magic this cycle: barefoot walking, snow flecked mountains.


Photo Oct 09, 11 52 53 AM.jpg

Greeted once again by the same card from last cycle means a message you really must heed. Lay down your weapons, rest and meditate. Gather tools, sharpen them, fix them and find a rhythm in your breath with each repetitive movement of work. Don't stray to far from whatever your personal definition of home is.

Your magic this cycle: good kitchen knives, meditation practice.


Photo Oct 09, 11 53 02 AM.jpg

Do what you do well. This card speaks to the natural nature of Capricorn of diligence, perseverance, discipline to ones work. Find yourself tending to matters of home, work and finances. Don't become too entangled where social obligations are concerned, your best magic right now is generated in a space you might deem your own garden.

Your magic this cycle: understanding falconry, creative discipline.


Photo Oct 09, 11 53 09 AM.jpg

Time to put your work, your assets, your personal energy on lock – don't expend energy where you feel it's being sapped away from you. Tie up those loose ends and snip off unneeded excesses. Collect your keys and get everything in order if you've found it in disarray. A wave of relief may be felt. Do not however, become too ridged in this.

Your magic this cycle: treasure chests, keys and home matters.


Photo Oct 09, 11 53 23 AM.jpg

The happiest card in the suit, find yourself in the way of deep emotional fulfillment, joy and abundance. Move away from directions that seem bleak and unfulfilling, this may mean a process of sadness and making a choice but at the end of it all, you will find what you most desire.

Your magic this cycle: rainbows, rivers, ribbons.