New Moon in Pisces + Mercury Rx Horoscopes

Welcome to your New Moon in Pisces horoscopes...


(by artist jenny holzer)

Before this New Moon in Pisces begins, we have Mercury slowing down, also in Pisces. Even as I write this, it's a little bit more behind schedule than I would like.

There seems to be a collective popular panic around Mercury retrogrades. And indeed it can mess with some of us for sure. However, Mercury being a fast pace planet and seeing as how we live in a culture obsessed with speed of communication, commerce and transmissions, it can do us some good to slow down a bit. Mercury forces us into this when he begins his backwards track...

One of the best ways to handle this time, is to not fight it. Feel into the shift of the current and move with it. Don't fight upstream in this celestially shift – as this is where you can encounter obstacles and increased challenges.

Uranus moves right into Taurus as well with this New Moon. There may be some rather heavy shock-waves felt in some area of your life at this time. A vision of a bull descending from heaven and running into ocean waves on a moonless night, is what comes to mind.

Uranus is a force of shock and disruption. There may be rumblings in some aspect of your life at this time.

Myself for example, I will be relocating to an entirely different ecosystem this month! Uranus transits my 4th house of home and foundations.

Our collective card this Lunar cycle is, unsurprisingly the Ace of Cups.

Photo Mar 05, 12 00 08 PM.jpg

An out-flowing and in-flowing of water.

A New Moon is a sensitive time, where we are somewhat in the dark about matters. We must sense with our hands, our smell, our feelings... Intuition is our guide here. Especially in the feeling and mystical sign of Pisces. Setting of intentions for this fresh new moon may be best done from a dreaming point.

As the moon grows this cycle, it is its fullest on the Spring Equinox. This will be a powerful surge of energy as we enter into forward moving Aries season.

Like sap rising from winter dormancy, we can see the budding and eventual flowering of dreams and ideas st forth.

Like all the Aces, you must have an open palm to receive this nourishing water of the Ace of Cups. This kind of goodness can't flow into a closed fist. With Mercury slowing, we may find ourselves tightening up.

Water hates to be obstructed from the natural course of it's flow.

Ace of Cups promises deep nourishment. This is a call to an open palm of receptivity.

Please read for your Sun sign and your rising sign. You can find you rising sign by entering your time, date and place of birth into a chart generator, such as

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Photo Mar 05, 11 23 57 AM.jpg

A time to renegotiate where and where not you are receiving what you need at this time. Check in with your resources. Where might you be giving to much, with too little return? Where and what are you giving, that is in turn giving back to you. What this giving back looks like, is affirming, loving, nourishing. It helps balance you. The only way to know is to do however. You must send it out and see in what shape it returns to you. Get deep into states of other. If something needs to die, let it.


The core of your identity may be being shook up to such depths, to such shock, you still don't quite know how to process. Symptoms may include agonizing, grief, sleepless and restless nights. This is OK. Settle into a place of familiar comfort and security – do not isolate. If tending to loved ones, your people, your community has fallen to the wayside – reignite this. You will find solace and healing here. Tend and nurture yourself and them.


Photo Mar 05, 11 23 41 AM.jpg

Running on instinct and at a gut level of what you start now will reveal itself to be something rather magnificent. The key here to this energy is to act slowly, carefully, consciously so that you may achieve supreme precision. This is your goal. Watch what bubbles up and try it on. If it doesn't fit for you, then move on to what is next in your design. An Ace is always a great opportunity and purity of energy, but it is how we wield this that matters. Apply this to your work, your community and always to the growth of yourself. There will be a crowning victory.


Photo Mar 05, 11 23 32 AM.jpg

Advocate for yourself if you have felt bogged down by the weight and fog of others noise. If you have unwillingly activated your defense system for self care, for boundary making, to tend and to nurture yourself – now is the time to set to exploring these things again. There may be a good deal of feeling lack of clarity at this time, but as you feel and sense your way though it (a thing that is very natural to you) and as this moon grows so too will your clarity.


Photo Mar 05, 11 23 21 AM.jpg

You may very well find yourself at a crossroads currently. Something perhaps that rules a primal element of your life may be stewing just below the surface at this time. This is a deep wake-up that will be persistent in calling to you until you acknowledge it. Pay heed to what was and had been, let it die off and return to the soil to nurture this long dormant thing you hold very dearly.


Photo Mar 05, 11 23 12 AM.jpg

Find a steady way to infuse the qualities of fire into yourself, if you are feeling stuck energy. The way that you relate to a specific other person, to yourself, to those you engage with in a close and intimate way may benefit from an infusion of your willingness to expand from your harbor into new places of experience. While you turn inward to understand more, this will enable you to push outward into greater depth of experiencing and bonding.


Under this New Moon you may feel it important to nourish and tend to the health and waters of your body. You're in a powerful position to do so and start something new from it. This will require all of the elements to work, but they are totally at your disposal at this time. Vision what health to your body and physical being is at this time and what it looks like for you. Lean in to nourish, nourish the dream. And above all don't let anyone else set the standard but yourself and the love of what/who you are.


Photo Mar 05, 11 22 57 AM.jpg

You are no stranger to what it feels like to sting, but to be stung may bring of feelings of past failures and disappointments. Each sting is an opportunity for examination. Sometimes these things pay out in patterns until we full understand, digest and transform the message. You are being called to look deeply into a feeling to better understand the process of transformation of it. The only way out, is through. This experience will lead to deep enrichment of the ground you stand on and inhabit.


Photo Mar 05, 11 22 49 AM.jpg

You might be feeling trapped and bound by a situation on a foundational level, on a home level. Home has many definitions and this one is your own. A limit of your freedom is detrimental to who you are at your core. If there is something that stifles you, blocks you, triggers you, now is the time to address and to work it out. An easy way through this is to realize it's mostly an illusion. You have control, you have the power to do what you need for you and the health of yourself. Take agency.


Photo Mar 05, 11 22 41 AM.jpg

Vision it and it will be, dream it and it will be. But you must speak it into existence for it to become truly manifest. If thought patterns have been one of scarcity and without, you will need a shift into one of abundance and of havingness. There is no magic pill here though, you must do the work to see these dreams through. If your vision is one of tarnish, this is what will be manifest. You have the blossoming power to turn everything you touch, to gold.


This New Moon calls you to leave unneeded distractions and to understand and differentiation what is a positive and negative distraction. What feeds you, or depletes you. Once this is known you will be able to clearly unite your will into a powerful force of forward movement. This will require some slowness before you can connect it all and ride forth. You may find it somewhat uncomfortable settling into these new digs, but give it this cycle and see what is growing as the moon reaches its fullness.


Photo Mar 05, 11 22 28 AM.jpg

With so much activity happening in your sign, it is a good time to find your place of respite and watch and observe all that is going on. You will need a good safe vantage point to do this work. You may very well find yourself at a threshold this New Moon. Linger here, because here, you will be able to witness the comings and goings of information that will inform, feed and eventually give you deep sustenance.

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New Moon in Aquarius Horoscopes

January felt like the longest year... erm, I mean month. We are all still integrating what we went through during the eclipses. This can take some time.

This could look like processing fall out.

Processing new developments that occurred.

Processing old habits and patterns that showed their face again.

And yet, even though last month seemed to take forever, it also flew by. It's February 2nd!

Tomorrow on the 3rd the planet of love, possessions and finances, Venus herself will be moving into the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. Here she may give us some new structures in these realms. Bringing all those possible explosions and fireworks that occurred during her time in Sagittarius a place to get grounded, get earthy and think about the long haul.

Around the 13th and 14th, Mars and Uranus will be right on top of one another. Be very mindful on these days. Especially if you are a late Aries in the degrees of 27-29. Think of it in terms of gods: Mars, the god of war, sex, passion and how we fight joins forces with Uranus, planet of rebellion, disruption, shock, electricity and jolts of inspiration... it could be ground breaking, it could make you burst into flames.

Being a late Aries myself, I wrote on my calendar: “be chill. lay low. work.”

Find a place to send this wild energy.

Our cards for this time are beautiful, and speak to what I feel is Venus moving into Capricorn, as it happens just before the new moon.

The Empress and Three of Pentacles


This is Venus herself overseeing and watching the co-creation of something. One thing that Capricorn does so well, is orchestrates matters to be completed and or worked on.

What we are being called to do at this time, during this cycle is nurture ourselves so that we have the energy and resources to build anew, to create.

Creativity needs a source of regeneration, a well to draw upon. If we do not tend to this source place within us, it will run dry, ragged and become brittle.

You cannot build a healthful, thriving, fulfilling structure if it isn't nourished in the right ways.

Three of Pentacles touches upon this goddess like quality, as the number 3 is associated with the Goddess and The Empress is the 3rd Major Arcana card.

With our Aquarian new moon, this is a call to gather and tend your resources in new, innovative, non-traditional ways.

Please read for both your rising and sun sign. You can find your rising sign by using


Knight of Pentacles

Photo Feb 04, 10 08 49 AM.jpg

Eyes narrowed and focused, head down, you forage a path. When resistance shows, and this may come through interactions in groups, or in community you will barrel through any opposition, or anything that gets in your way. Be careful here, be graceful. You don't want to burn others down in your path to your desires.


Page of Pentacles

The beginners mind comes filled with blessings, even if you're doing something you've done before, even if you're working at something you're a master at. By adopting this beginners outlook, you invite in blessings. Stay curious, stay studious. Advancement will come thereof.


7 of Swords

Photo Feb 04, 10 09 20 AM.jpg

You have two routes before you. Each will teach you something and one looks easier than the other. Whichever path you decide to take, choose the one that includes these things: exploration of something wildly new, the spirit lead quest and something that would perhaps take you on a physical journey. Whatever you do, don't take actions that lead to stagnation or familiar comfort. You need to expand.



Photo Feb 04, 10 09 42 AM.jpg

A bit of a reckoning at hand. However, for the positive. Somewhere in some hidden, or sleeping aspect of your life you are being called to. This is a cosmic call, the one that shakes you to your core, the one that wakes that sleeping part up. To heed this, means radical transformation. To do this work, means to cut away the dead and allow new growth.


Two of Cups

Something in the realm of deeply committed relationships and partnerships, be they love or work or friend will be moving for you into a beneficial place. Don't be frightened by polarities, something is meant to merge together. Tap into the erotic.


6 of Pentacles

Photo Feb 04, 10 10 05 AM.jpg

This fresh moon will be good for you to tap into what you know on a deep level: a sense of duty, your work and your body. However, the key here is to be generous with yourself, not just those around you. There's a sense and a call to nurture yourself first, so that you may nurture others. This should be done in ways that are different from your normal approach.


Page of Wands

Photo Feb 04, 10 10 38 AM.jpg

Move in the direction in which you can allow your child-self to have fun in ways that support your self now. How this best looks for you at this time and under this fresh growing moon is, exploration and romance of the self. Seek warmth and seek ways in which you can feel lighter, freer.


5 of Cups

Photo Feb 04, 10 11 43 AM.jpg

Emotional matters surface around home and stable nurturing life structures. You're perhaps suffering from some kind of loss or emotional aches. That's legit, but to wallow doesn't provide a way forward, it only makes you stuck. Feel it, move along to what still stands the test of time, to what's still good and right beside you.


3 of Swords

Sadness, loss and heart pains may be swirling around you. Find your core people and share from the heart. If this is incoming news, an old wound resurfacing or even a loss you initiated... family, chosen or otherwise are here to support. There is a great lesson here for you. This understanding will be revealed through this lunar cycle.


8 of Wands

Photo Feb 04, 10 12 02 AM.jpg

Creativity and messages thereof are coming home to roost. There will be a flurry of movement coming your way, and much to be gleaned and gathered from it. Possibly in the way of income derived from your creative pursuits. Find a way to ground this spectacular energy, as it will grow even more with time.


Knight of Swords

Photo Feb 04, 10 12 09 AM.jpg

A core part of your identity is being shaken up and revised. A part of yourself is undergoing a great shift. Ride the storm, ride the wave, hitch yourself into the current, but be careful you don't over do it. When the way is obfuscated, it means to look down directly at your feet and where you're at. Focus. Hone. Perfect.


2 of Pentacles

Photo Sep 09, 10 45 05 AM.jpg

Waves are rumbling and you're juggling much right now. However, in this you'll be wrapping something up, or in the beginning phase of a cycles of endings. You will traverse this experience through the subconscious, or a dream realm you are already well familiar with. The key here is to remember to plant your feet on the earth from time to time, so you are not swept away.

New Moon in Capricorn Horoscopes

(This cycle I am using some astrology, along with cards to generate each of your horoscopes. You will want your read your horoscope for your rising sign, you can also read it for your sun sign. However, rising sign may be more resonant. You can look up your rising sign through or using an astrological app like co-star, or astro future.

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This is our first new moon of the calendar year and it's a strong one. It will happen this Saturday the 5th, with a Solar Eclipse as well.

New Moon energy is as exactly as it sounds. It's a fresh and powerful new energy that we can work with. It is particularly fortuitous in the realm of beginnings. As you plant your intentions around this moon, they will grow, just as the moon grows in its illumination. What we put forth now, we may see the fruition of around the full moon, or as time naturally unfolds.

Capricorn is a sign is wisdom, discipline and the long game. Ruled by the planet Saturn, we can perhaps view this as a time to reflect upon the structures we build for ourselves. It can help us negotiate between what we find restricting and where we feel freedom. 

Our collective cards for the cycle are, The Magician and the 6 of Pentacles.

uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot new moon in capricorn

The Magician asks you to make literal magic on this new moon. Write down intentions, burn them in a fire. Carve your wishes into the wax of a candle and watch it as it burns. But moreover here, The Magician wants all of us to own, to know, condense, control and regulate our power in a way that not only serves us, but those around us.

Being of service, giving, are themes of the 6 of Pentacles. The other side of this coin is, being able to receive. For many of us, we do not acknowledge our own hard work or our dedication to personal causes, creations, etc.

The Magician wants you to lean into your power to create and make manifest, the 6 of Pentacles asks how you give and how you receive.

Go make some magic around what you want to build for yourself that nurtures you and sustains you. Send out ripples into the universe, see what returns to you.


Photo Sep 09, 10 45 36 AM.jpg

Knight of Cups

This new moon calls for you to release ways of being where you find yourself ridged and brittle. Where you free yourself up, it will elevate you in the realm of your peers, in your work and in your purpose. Allow the truth of who you are to shine forth. This will open a way for greater intuition, that will guide you in your quest of prestige. You're on your way up.


Photo Jan 04, 11 31 49 AM.jpg

Ace of Wands

Currently you wield an immense amount of power to set your intentions to task. Here you may find yourself wanting to expand beyond your borders, and it is here that you may find the most growth and a kind of creativity that verges on the erotic. You must step foot outside the places you may usually inhabit.


Photo Jan 04, 11 31 27 AM.jpg

The Fool

Deep transformation and healing come when you take leave of deeply oppressive situations. The Fool here calls to you to act in somewhat of an extreme. Find the edge and linger a bit in this otherworldly place. Use your hands to feel the difference between two spaces. Have faith in your heart to know when to jump, or when to playfully skirt the edge, or make a calculated jump into the deepest end.


Photo Jan 04, 11 31 01 AM.jpg

5 of Wands

This may be a good time to clear the air of any underlying conflict in partnership, or in matters of contract. Many will be fighting to be heard in whatever dramatic matter that could be consuming your sphere at this time. Nothing is rooted or grounded yet. Find a place of stillness and calm, here is where you sow a seed in secret.


Photo Jan 04, 11 31 35 AM.jpg

Ace of Swords

If health matters have been at the forefront of your mind, now is a good time to suss out and establish practices that are sustainable, healthful and not wrapped up in rigidness. Examine where you desire wellness in your body, how you want to implement it in ways that are loving. This period you will strike a resounding clarity and victory.


9 of Wands

Release negative notions of what you are worthy of. If your heart has a soreness, find yourself a cocoon to practice lavish rituals of self care and acts of love upon yourself. A wound may need some healing, tension may need some releasing. Put yourself in the way of a space that will allow you to drop your guard and relax into the lushness of the world.


3 of Wands

You are in a state of pause before you embark anew. What you issued forth last cycle, how has it returned to you? What would you do different and what do you desire more of to feel secure? Decisions now will effect your future foundations and home. Pull away from overly congested spaces, give yourself time alone to think. Here you will be able to regroup, gather yourself up and know how to act when the way seems dimly lit.


Photo Jan 04, 11 31 19 AM.jpg

The Seeker

You will find that your best way to communicate your ideas is to do so where you are pressing into unknown territory. Utilize your skills to part the veil of obscurity, in strange places you will find keys to understanding limiting belief systems you need to part ways with. You can achieve this in acts of everydayness, ritual and habit.


Photo Jan 04, 11 31 43 AM.jpg

The Magician

You embody powerful magic at this time. Issues around money may be a theme currently, and it is recommended that you be cautious with your resources and how they come to you. This is a time to be thoughtful and careful about what foundations you'd like to develop in the coming year. Utilize all your tools to your benefit, reach far, wide and high. What you carefully aim for, you will strike.


10 of Swords

An immensely pressing weight has imposed itself on you. That may even be an understatement as to how deeply it is effecting you and the very core of your being. You are in the death throws of transformation and it isn't to be taken lightly. However, peace and calm come soon after the consuming darkness. There is an essence to be distilled from your experience and made into medicine that heals. It is almost over.


10 of Wands 

This cycle is about letting go, releasing control over acts of labor that are no longer beneficial to you. This is truly a case of 'less is more' - where can you free up your own resources so that you may complete tasks with your full heart behind it, instead of less than half. Release, so that you may focus and hone your objectives. Letting go will free up obstacles in your path.


Photo Jan 04, 11 31 10 AM.jpg

The Hermit

It is time for you to come down off your mountain of contemplation and back into your social spheres, or where you make contact with people who support what, who and how you are. It is good to pull away and recharge, but be wary of doing this at your detriment. Making a commitment will help you succeed in striking a thriving balance.

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New Moon in Sagittarius Horoscopes

Our collective card this cycle, is the Two of Swords.

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Photo Dec 05, 9 37 31 AM.jpg

With my pendulum, I asked what direction this card is wanting us to lean into. Firstly, comes thoughts of water, ebb and flow and naturally that is a given in this card. The moon hangs very clearly in her sickle shape, the very phase we're entering right now. This pulls on our emotions, the waters of our body.

My pendulum indicated this card was more on boundaries. So, I write this with introverts, witches and those who often find themselves residing in otherness – in mind.

It takes a great effort to keep out influences we'd rather not be impacted by, especially in our day to day life. Swords are heavy, and it requires resiliency and strength to protect what needs protecting. Over time, this practice becomes a skill and one that can serve us well – but there's a fine line we must balance between how it can isolate us, or bring us renewing solitude.

There are times in our life, where it is better to remove the blindfold and lay down the swords.

At this time, the blindfold isn't making us blind, but grants us the ability to expand into other areas of awareness – particularly from within. This boundary holding, heightens sensitivities that would otherwise be dulled and ignored. We move through cycles where protection needs to be honored and upheld.

Sometimes, we need permission to hold boundaries – or to be given a reminder that protecting and managing this space is OK. Dominant culture isn't exactly supportive of the internal journey, of cultivation of our gifts that are rooted in our intuition.

You know what needs protecting and space to move and grow.

Under this Sagittarius new moon, it is an opportunity to allow something to flourish and expand under boundaries that you hold for yourself.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot 4 of wands

4 of Wands

Home things are at the center for you. What home is for you, is your own definition. Under this new moon, you're efforts to make manifest what you desire around a home will be honored and granted. You must tell the universe in your own special way how this looks and feels for you. Whatever it is, it is injected with joy, where your fire may have a hearth to rest.

Your magic this cycle: Making what you want known to the world and universe. Declare it and it will be.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot the seeker

The Seeker

You're on the mission of the seeker. You hedge two worlds and something is shifting. This card does not have a place in this deck, it floats freely. You know how to ground yourself, it is the unknown that shakes your foundations. Part the veil, peer in. Better to know than not.

Your magic this cycle: liminal spaces, doors, crossroads, forest edge, where sky meets earth.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot three of pentacles

3 of Pentacles

In the collaboration of community you will find ways to build something magnificent. You could go it alone, but here you're your very best when actively participating and being involved. Stay curious, stay open and lean in on what creates harmonious structure and solidity.

Your magic this cycle: cairns and community.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot 5 of swords

5 of Swords

In this card they say, “one a path, the other a plot” you want to take the route of the path. Do not let yourself get sucked into mental quicksand. You will know what is right and what is wrong for you, by what is to be gained from it. Proving a point at the expense of something, or taking the higher road where you might gain understanding and perspective?

Your magic this cycle: Storms when they have come and then pass.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot justice


This is the cause and effect of your actions made manifest in the here and now. Every moment you have the opportunity to right your ship and move in the direction that is most befitting for you. What this looks like is balance, responsibility, decisiveness and upholding your morals.

Your magic this cycle: A flower essence for clarity.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot 5 of pentacles

5 of Pentacles

Be wary of the negative effects of scarcity thinking. Snow does eventually melt, giving way to nourishing waters, nourishing foods. Sometimes this phase is a part of the process. Bolster yourself in these times and know that wellness is just over the horizon.

Your magic this cycle: Snowscapes.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot knight of cups

Knight of Cups

Time to move out of the analytical and into the realm of emotive waters. This is action however, this is a quest. Your capacity for logic is of benefit, but of even greater benefit to you now is your intuitive capacity. Let that be your guide and surely you will find what you seek.

You magic this cycle: A chalice to procure your dreams.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot 6 of wands

6 of Wands

Where are your people? Are you with them? Because right now you will be a champion among your closest allies. They will support you and cheer you on into your victory. Flow into the inertia that is being generated and ride the wave. Be sure to find time to ground yourself and seek this from your community. Goodness awaits.

Your magic this cycle: write your wish on a bay leaf and burn it.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot the fool

uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot the fool

The Fool

So much is cosmically situated to bring you in blessings at this time. If you have been facing some fears, they are worth acknowledgment, but not worth letting them rule you. Take the calculated risk. Gallop head first into that blazing sunset as you always do. A new page is turning here.

Your magic this cycle: classic adventure.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot 10 of wands

10 of Wands

Delegate Capricorn! Share your burdens with those who would help you, relinquish a little control. You are capable of shouldering a great weight, but now is the time to set some things down so that you may see a little more clearly. If it feels like a set back to do so, know that this is part of the process. You're doing the right thing.

You magic this cycle: burning away the accumulated past.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot king of wands

King of Wands

It is time to own your charge. “He who reigns within himself and rules his passions, desires, and fears is more than a king.” - John Milton. Reigning in yourself, despite the following contradiction, will be what enables you to expand into new realms, new landscapes and territories. 

Your magic this cycle: tactics employed by a pride of lions.


uusi design studio pagan otherworlds tarot page of pentacles

Page of Pentacles 

A childlike curiosity will be your guide this cycle. From this you may receive messages that usher in new discoveries, new understandings that can be put to use as skills later on. The key is the beginners mind, from this you'll gain much.

Your magic this cycle: joy in study and discovery.

New Moon in Libra & Venus Rx

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Fall is settling in deeply. Acorns dropping, leaves shifting color, tree sap slows, plants dying and folding into the soil, or pulling their energy underground... below the surface. This is the season of descent into the underworld.

Venus too begins her underworld descent as she stations retrograde starting Sunday, October 6th. She does so in the sign of Scorpio, which vibrates with notions of death, dark turbulent waters, deep rage shadow, obsession, passion. Venus rules not just love and relationships, but also aesthetics, creativity, what we surround ourselves with and money.

She goes underground for a time being and this can look different for many different people. If you're Venus ruled (Taurus, Libra) you may find this time particularly rough, and yet, deeply revealing. On a personal relatable note, my own natal Venus is retrograde. So, this time usually is one where I feel at home in this manifestation of her expression.

For many, this may be a time of old flames, old obsessions creeping back up. Old wounds being revealed for healing. Healing doesn't always feel good, it can hurt and that is part of the process.

You may find yourself revisiting, or being revisited.

Our cards, collectively for this new moon in Libra are interesting. As I shuffled the deck, one card got stuck to the table as I lifted the others. The Chariot.

The other two, which I positioned under it, 7 of Wands and unsurprisingly the 9 of Swords.

Photo Oct 06, 1 54 11 PM.jpg

7 of Wands would have us obstinately hold our ground amid the burning waters of the 9 of Swords. And this can go two ways. One, we refuse the wisdom that can be found in the agonies and turmoils that are generated as a result of the 9 of Swords.

Or, through diligence of self and directing our will to what we know is good and right for us, we can seek to become solid in our selves as we ride these emotional currents. Letting what needs to surface, surface. To examine carefully and find ways of processing and transforming pain, hurt and those thoughts that keep us up at night, those thoughts that create the illusion we are bound and not free.

The best image that comes to mind, is big oaks holding their ground in a strong flood current. Stay steady.

Overseeing all this is The Chariot and here we see the victories in directing our will... seeing what percolates up from our shadowy subconscious, particularly the bad and the ugly and uniting it with our conscious will. Perhaps for a time, this will seem like a lone venture in doing this work. But as with the Chariot, there is a powerful magical victory at hand. Provided we do the work that needs doing.

This shadowy season is indeed very shadowy.

On to what each sign needs to know for this New Moon in Libra...


The Sun shows its benevolence upon you during this phase. When situations become complicated, act from a place where you've distilled your purest essence. Find solidity in familiarity. You're the eternal optimistic child of the zodiac. Culture and age would have us forget this, wash it out of us, beat it out of us. Find the core you've long held on to. Protect it, but also let it guide you.

Your magic this cycle: late season sunflowers, rays of waning sunlight.


Photo Oct 09, 11 51 30 AM.jpg

With Venus rx you may be feeling this heavily. Do not be burdened by it. Find joy where you're most welcome, invest yourself in these spaces. Adorn your home. Find merriment in your leaving and in your coming. Stick close to home when all is too much, but venture out as to not collect stagnation.

Your magic this cycle: fall decorating and gatherings.


The shadow season may grip you by surprise and quite deeply. Stay curious and stay open, try not to judge too quickly a situation. The Devil can create illusion of bondage and use your natural abilities of curiosity to unravel the knots back to their source. You may need to dig deep here. Be OK with getting messy.

Your magic this cycle: fumigating your space (with cedar, sage, rosemary), situations in which you must loosen knots.


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Letting warmth, love guide you this cycle. Sounds cliché, but the Queen of Cups works this kind of magic. They also give manifestation to their creative ideas, through diligence and deep focus. Stay tethered to what you know grounds you and yet keep a foot in the world of otherness as you know it. Any work generated during this phase will have long lasting effects.

Your magic this cycle: practicing magic and the arts.


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Get on some high ground, or up and away from current situations that may cause duress. Only when you have stepped back, may you see clearly a path forward in a matter. This is a must this cycle. Too much involvement will possibly muddle the mind. Trust those who you share your secrets with, scheme and plan, then go forth.

Your magic this cycle: Magic 8 balls, coin tosses for answers.


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Don't blind yourself with too much work when the going gets hard. Look up, not down. Know when to set a burden down and share the load, otherwise you will find yourself exhausted and possibly withered in your pursuits. You may find that more gets done when you can relinquish some control over a situation.

Your magic this cycle: contemplation via firelight, bonfires.


Along with Taurus, this cycle may be difficult for you. Your remedy? Go to where there is joy, do what generates joy, put yourself in the way of joy. Do not linger for too long in situations that would feed into depressive states. This would mean where there is an ease of flow, ideas reciprocated and what brings delight to the senses.

Your magic this cycle: being romanced again by earthly delights.


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You may need to go it alone this cycle, following your own light is your best action to take. You wear the significance of your journey like a heavy cloak, keeping out what may cause you harm and ill. The light that leads you, is something you find within and without. As above, so below. Solitude, not isolation, will be a helpful ally in moving forward.

Your magic this cycle: barefoot walking, snow flecked mountains.


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Greeted once again by the same card from last cycle means a message you really must heed. Lay down your weapons, rest and meditate. Gather tools, sharpen them, fix them and find a rhythm in your breath with each repetitive movement of work. Don't stray to far from whatever your personal definition of home is.

Your magic this cycle: good kitchen knives, meditation practice.


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Do what you do well. This card speaks to the natural nature of Capricorn of diligence, perseverance, discipline to ones work. Find yourself tending to matters of home, work and finances. Don't become too entangled where social obligations are concerned, your best magic right now is generated in a space you might deem your own garden.

Your magic this cycle: understanding falconry, creative discipline.


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Time to put your work, your assets, your personal energy on lock – don't expend energy where you feel it's being sapped away from you. Tie up those loose ends and snip off unneeded excesses. Collect your keys and get everything in order if you've found it in disarray. A wave of relief may be felt. Do not however, become too ridged in this.

Your magic this cycle: treasure chests, keys and home matters.


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The happiest card in the suit, find yourself in the way of deep emotional fulfillment, joy and abundance. Move away from directions that seem bleak and unfulfilling, this may mean a process of sadness and making a choice but at the end of it all, you will find what you most desire.

Your magic this cycle: rainbows, rivers, ribbons.