Weekly Oracle + Coming Back + Trusting Your Inner Voice

A new weekly feature here. On Mondays I'll be pulling cards to touch base, go deeper, get revealing or look at the week ahead. Have a question, or feeling stuck? I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment and I may feature it here next week!

The Three of Wands is that pause at the hilltop.

You made it! The rushing in your ears made all this noise and now you're here and it's quiet and you can hear more than outside stimulus. It's a tad uncomfortable isn't it? To hear yourself again sounds unnerving and maybe you don't entirely trust it. You've been flying high and ungrounded and now you're here. It's time to pass through this threshold, root the feet and survey the landscape of your emotions. This is an excellent time to gain perspective, to both receive and dispatch information within yourself. Explore that uncomfortable sticking point.

I'm looking at the 10 of Wands slightly different than I usually do, which is to say that it's the workaholics card. Not in this case. This is study and a turning away to pick back up the responsibilities to yourself that you may have been shirking. There are times when it is perfectly OK to get deep into the work and let it absorb you, and you are that work - this is the time. Pick up lapsed personal routines, self care practices, that book, a project - that thing that brings you back to a sense of inner trust. You've wandered away a little bit, time to come back, do the work of listening deeply (it's not always easy!) and reconnect.

To greet you in this work is the Queen of Intuition herself, the Queen of Cups. It is there within you! You just gotta put in the work to get back to yourself. Direct and collect your will into maintaining that cord of connection to self. Use this experience to learn ways of coming back when you've strayed away and forgotten or distrust the truth of the voice within yourself.