Holistic Tarot Services
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No matter your situation, tarot can provide guidance, a light, a mirror, and affirmation to any matter that comes up in life. We all have a destiny, but we also have the power to make choices that shift our fate and the steps we choose to take along our path that lead us to bountiful fulfillment in life.

Tarot is a tool for guidance, support and reflection in the choices and roads that are presented to us. All situations, bad, good, blessing or setback provide us with an opportunity to grow. A reading can provide clarity around which way to go, and what we need to know in getting there.

In other words, I am here to help shift the power back into your possession. Or remind you, that you’ve already got it ;)

What do you get in a reading with me?

All readings are drafted up into a PDF that you may print out and reference at anytime. Included will be notations on energetic and or elemental patterns showing up and where applicable, plant and or flower essence/medicine as well as possible actions and rites/rituals.


In this spread, I pull a total of 6 tarot cards and one oracle card.

In the first three we look at present circumstances and a look towards the future. One card provides the root or basis of your situation, another the outcome, or what energy is overseeing it all. Then we take a gentle look at the shadow or under current side of things and finish it up with a little plant oracle guidance.

Included is notations on energetic and elemental patterns showing up, possible plant medicine/flower essence suggestions and a little ritual/rite tailored to your situation.


In this spread, I pull 5 tarot cards.

Very similar to the Full Holistic reading, however doesn’t utilize the two additional cards or plant oracle cards. This is excellent if you’re wanting a full scope look at a situation with depth, direction and action.


In this spread I pull 3 tarot cards and one oracle card.

This is great for situations where you need quick and direct advice, direction or affirmation. While not lacking in depth, it’s a great way to look into a situation clearly and quickly. These cards are read in a past/present/outcome or situation/action/outcome style. A plant oracle card is added for an energetic boost.


In this spread I pull one tarot card and one plant oracle card.

Great for yes/no questions or a quick look into a situation. Short and concise, but read for depth and clarity.

I will need a recent photo of yourself, your preferred pronouns, your full name, your time, date and location of birth. Please email all this to me after your purchase along with a brief description of your situation, or primary question at hand. You can send this to britton at archaichoney.com after purchase.

I will contact you within 24 hours of purchase to schedule time of delivery for your reading.

Please read over my tarot ethics, questions and disclaimer before purchase of a reading.

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