Western Red Cedar Oil

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Western Red Cedar Oil

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Have you ever taken a walk in the deep dark rain forests of our beloved Northwest? The places where light from the sky barely penetrate the canopy of ancient old growth cedars, of rich layer upon layer of death and life in the soil, of ferns and carpets of moss...

The Western Red Cedar is one of the most highly venerated trees on the Northwest coast. This tree has been food, shelter, clothing and so much more to indigenous peoples of this region.

This oil contains the green scaly leaf and the precious rare inner heartwood, that gives this oil its almost black blood like color. It it is powerful, deeply rooting and sacred. With time, it will age very well. The leaf notes along the surface are balsamic and almost fruity, where the heartwood is deep, smoky and has a vibration that beats with an ancient heart.

The purpose of this oil is to elicit an olfactory memory response, to root and ground, to connect with this tree. Even if you have never walked amongst the Western Red Cedars, this oil will bring that to you. If you are familiar with them, you will just know. This bottle embodies the cool wet rainforests, where you could lie down in the moss beds and let the forest consume you.

While this oil is very dark, it is not a highly concentrated perfume. This is a sacred anointing oil. Please use carefully and with intention.


*Please note that some folks are sensitive to cedar. Please do a patch test before full use. Do not use on pets or children.

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