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Part of a Patreon project, this tea is something I have been making for myself and friends for some time. This blend is uplifting to the spirits and calms the mind and body. t can be used in many situations.

I've given it to friends and family to help soothe nerves during times of stress, for those days when your mind just will not be quiet, for thoughts that then translate into bodily tension.

There is no wrong time to consume this tea and drink it whenever you please. I find it especially helpful in these situations:

  • Before a stressful/nervous inducing event

  • During PMS

  • Before bed

  • When feeling disconnected from yourself

  • Scattered, racing and or looping thoughts

  • When lacking concentration

  • High emotions

  • When aggravated

  • After dealing with intense people...

This blend contains the following herbs:

Holy basil, or tulsi.

In the Ayurvedic medicine practice holy basil is used in a multitude of ways. It is seen as a protector, balancing the chakras and to bear the user with vitality, purity, virtue and joy. It is adaptogenic in that with regular use, helps one adapt to stressors in their environment. It is used to both calm, energize and uplift. Sipping on it as tea can help with “brain fog” and clear the mind.


Is a food that is deeply nutritive and safe. It is very likely that your ancestors regularly ate them! Nettles are very mineral rich, containing calcium, potassium and magnesium along with a few other trace minerals. They are also diuretic, in that they'll make you pee and flush you out. They lend a deep brownish green color to teas and upon first sip, you'll know that they are very good for you.


This plant is a nervine, in that it helps sedate the nervous system where there are cases of hyperactivity, anxiety, agitation and stress. It is helpful in situations where stress is showing up in the body such as tension headaches, neck tension and tight muscles in general. I have found personally that it helps with the head especially (hence the name!). This is one of my go to plants when my mind just will not stop with negative feedback loops!


This is a beautiful semitropical vine that produces incredibly gorgeous flowers (buy and grow one if you can). Passionflower is like skullcap in that it is sedative and helps one relax, but I have found that the effect is more bodily than mind. This makes it a great companion herb to skullcap.


We all know peppermint! Its a sweet and pungent herb that is actually quite good for digestion. But more over, it provides this blend with an uplifting flavor that compliments the tulsi and as well as can help with headaches. It invigorates the mind and palette without being stimulating.

Comes in a 1.5oz bag. 

Suggested brewing: 1-2 TBS per cup. Allow to seep for 5-10 minutes. Or enjoy as an overnight infusion.

Contains all organic ingredients: nettle, passion flower, skullcap, tulsi, peppermint

While the herbs in this are very gentle, if you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your primary care doctor before consuming.

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