New Moon in Cancer Tarot Horoscopes

Hello friends. Over on my Instagram I've been sharing little lunar tarot based horoscopes for folks. It was requested by a few that I put this up in a place that can be referenced without the limitations of the 2 hour time window of the fun stories feature on Instagram. So, here I am, and here we are. This gives a lot more room for expression and extrapolation.

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Our collective response and need for this particular lunation is highlighted by the Hanged Man and the Ace of Swords. The Moon is naturally at home in the sign of Cancer and here we can see the stirrings of truths that come to light through having our world, or our perception of it, upended. Cancer is a sign of the home, the mother and nurturing. This new moon urges us inwards a bit and to nestle down and relax into places in ourselves that may cause emotional discomfort. It is from this place that we can gain an advantageous source of clarity, despite the fact it seems like the opposite.

The Hanged Man surrenders to their position, they relax into it. In this surrendering and trusting of ourselves, we will each come to a clarity around a matter in our lives around this lunar cycle. The Ace of Swords affirms the victory of this truth in store for us. Trust your process, be soft with yourself, witness your pains and treat them gently, as they will open the way to a greater understanding of yourself.


Read for both your sun sign and rising sign. Don't know you rising sign? You'll need to exact time, date and place of birth to determine it.  You can use,, or


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Ace of Pentacles

Earthly abundance is on your side at this time, Aries. Secure your foundation and keep a strong tether there for this cycle, for it is here that abundance and the fruition of your visions will manifest into physical reality. Tend, nurture, feed and dig deep. Bring only your most trusted into your sanctuary, share and it will return to you.

Your magic for this cycle: Bare feet on the ground, flower medicine, root vegetables.



Page of Pentacles

Approach with curiosity to what is showing up for you. Don't be quick to judge, look at the situation from all sides, study and observe with a child like mind. This cycle it will be good to nurture your young inner person and perhaps revisit practices that enlivens this part of yourself. Be mindful of messages coming in that prick your ears up, for they contain vital and interesting information useful to your growth and unfolding.

Your magic for this cycle: Return to an old book, childhood comfort food, self-study.



The Chariot

Your willpower needs to be reined in at this time, as the Twin of the zodiac, it is time to unite the polarity of your dual nature to accomplish a task at this time. This may seems a daunting work for you under current circumstances, but trust that in this deep work, you will come out victorious. Something powerful blooms under this cycle for you. Bring the two parts into a whole, center yourself and charge forth on your errand.

Your magic for this cycle: grounding practice, lunar magic, joyride.



8 of Cups

This lunation may have you feeling very very deeply, as you are one of the deepest feelers in the zodiac. Something in this is causing a restlessness you may not be able to shake. You feel you must go, and if you feel stuck, you must go in whatever shape or form that takes for you. Sadness may nip of the periphery, but trust that in your journey of movement through the cycle some revealing will come your way. Trust that solitude will feed you at this time.

Your magic for this cycle: the ocean, a long walk, nourishing waters.



Three of Pentacles

Gather round your closest collaborators, your dearest support network to lay the foundation of something you've been longing to build. Show your work to those who will give you the truest feedback so that you can create and see the flourishing of what vision you long have held. Seek an elder, seek a peer. Lay carefully your foundation, as this may be the one to support you for a long time coming.

You magic this cycle: rough drafts, stones, your closest allies.



Two of Cups

If love is a subject of concern for you, keep yourself open and in a place to receive this love. Approach with curiosity and gentleness and do what you can to limit your own self doubts. You are worthy. Period. There is no question to your worthiness. If not another person, this love should be generated to yourself. Uniting polarities within for wholeness. 

Your magic for this cycle: acts of self care, river water, honey.



King of Pentacles

Sovereignty of self, of your own personal domain, wealth and prosperity and how you accumulate and manage these things is at the forefront right now. You are very capable of these endeavors and of generating the security you desire. Your gaze should not be too far ahead, or too far behind you, but what is in your hands now will inform how you get there.

Your magic for this cycle: self stewardship, forest bathing, hoofed creatures.



Page of Cups

Your intuitive levels are flying high right now. Trust the messages being received at this time. Look at them critically, but also seek for that underlying message from spirit, the under current of which you are well familiar with. Feelings are not always facts, but for now, trust they will guide you well in any major decision making processes. Stay light of heart.

Your magic this cycle: tide pools, herbal teas, consulting an oracle.



5 of Cups

Mourn the loss, but do not linger for too long. For this cycle, minimize distractions that get in the way of your own healing. Check emotional thought patterns and redirect the flow if at all possible. The goodness of love and blessings is quite near to you, there needs to be a shift in perception. Do the thing that brings in personal joy for yourself. 

Your magic for this cycle: creative practice, a river visit, star/sky gazing.



The World

You've endured a whole host of ordeals and tribulations and blessings leading up to this point. Some seen, some unseen, some external and some internal battles. This lunar cycle is is going to pivot you from an ending to the precipice of beginning, but with all the knowledge gathered from previous experiences informing your steps forward. Be mindful. Put yourself in a place to be seen, be with those who deeply see you.

Your magic for this cycle: making an announcement, vulnerability, tree magic. 




Unchecked primal power can be highly destructive and yet in the wake of destruction much is revealed and we learn much about ourselves and our base reactions. It is likely that you've already got a handle on this pulse of power, and now is the time to trust this process of the understanding you've come to inhabit. Others may find you foolish to caress the mouth of the bear, but your most potent magic is to be found in the ecstasy of this thrill. 

Your magic for this cycle: lunar worship, bear magic, tree roots.



4 of Pentacles

Be mindful of where your physical energies are moving at this time. Account for your personal belongings and monetary assets. You may need to hold them close, you may need to put them under lock and key, you may need to be mindful of who you open that up to and who you grant access. This extends to matters of the heart. Protect yourself, but not at the cost of resisting a beautiful opportunity.

Your magic for this cycle: keys, secrets kept, wind in the leaves.


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Beginning in Tarot Part 1: Books & Resources

So, you wanna learn how to read tarot? Or you have a deck and don't know exactly where to begin. That's what this little series is here to cover!


I'm gunna start off light and easy here and cover books and resources because this is a question I get asked the most.

Since books, websites and resources are a huge help when getting started with your tarot practice, I want to do this first. This is by no means a super comprehensive list, but a great place to start. You don't need a lot of books on the tarot to learn how to read it. These are books I have read myself, know of through other folks who opinion or publishing I hold in high esteem.

This list is short and sweet, as too much will muddle your mind. Books and resources are great, because they can open you up to new ways of seeing the cards and diving deeper into mythological and historical meaning. That said, the best way to learn the meaning of the cards is so simple: look at the card and notice what you see and feel come up around your situation. There's your meaning.


78 Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack

The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot - Ever! by Dusty White

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by A. E. Waite

The Ultimate Guide to the Rider-Waite Tarot by Johannes Fiebig 

Tarot for Yourself by Mary Greer

21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card by Mary Greer

Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen

The Game of Saturn by Peter Mark Adams


Biddy Tarot  

The Tarot Lady 

Little Red Tarot (Queer friendly!) + Alternative Tarot Course! 

The Queer Tarot Project 

Learn Tarot (so simple and wonderful)

The Wild Unknown One by One 

And there y'all have it! Let me know if you have any questions at all, or if there's something very specific you'd like for me to cover around tarot for my next post. 

Blackberry + On the Work of Self Love and Our Bodies

Recently in an Instagram post, I wrote about struggling with my own body image and recognizing my relationship to my body and that it is time to mend it. I'm not an expert on this subject of being a woman and how I deal with my own body. Or maybe I am, because I am living and dealing with it just like so many other people. I also do not contain the eloquent politically correct language so many others posses, to express myself confidently. But you know, fuck it. Alas, my Mercury in Aries does its usual thing. 

Please, read through the comments. There are a lot of lovely and wonderful nuggets in there.

This is the body I wake up in every day. Lately, I have been having an increasing anxiety about my body and it's shape. It has been building up to an extremely uncomfortable anxiety ridden point. I have been fat and I have meticulously counted my calories and lifted weights until I had visible abs, which often only brought a superficial appreciation of my body. I mentally beat myself up when I skip the gym for a week, or when I decide to eat like shit for a day or two. When I don't move my body, or come into it I forget that I am in it. Which is strange to me as a highly physical Aries/Taurus person. Often I feel like a cloud of consciousness, just floating in the ether, with nothing to root me or ground me. I look at @bodyposipanda and so many other women in love with their bodies no matter the shape. I feel shame, envy, anger and self loathing that I can't seem to ever ascend into acceptance and even more than that LOVE for my self and mainly, my body. I know where the loathing comes from, but I cannot fend it off some days and some days it's really bad. The whole world can tell you you're beautiful but you'll never believe it until you come into some form of love for your self and body - until you do your own internal work. And I realize, that I need to spend time with myself and with my body more. It's time to do this work I have put off so long and ignored. To feel the shapes and roots of, "I'm not good enough" "I'm not lean enough" "I'm not as pretty as that person" "I am not worthy" etc. and treat them with compassion and understanding. To transmute that. Vulnerability, transparency and sharing in my community (all community) have been a way for me to heal parts of myself. Supporting each other in the struggle, as I know I am not alone. I know many of you feel this, I feel it too. We can unlearn what we have been taught is "beautiful" and stop hating ourselves for what we actually are. It's ok. We're ok. We are enough. . . . #bodypositive #bodyposi #bodypos #selflove #feels #thestruggle #curves #pcos #vulnerability #transparent #witchlife #transmute #unlearn

A photo posted by ♈️Britton (@archaichoney) on

It wasn't easy to put all of that up, but I'll say it again: fuck it. Because I know I'm not alone in the struggle. The shame that I am made to feel for my body, no matter its shape. I am three years out of an abusive long term relationship followed by a string of dating and relationships where 95% of the time I was purely an object meant to please and when I did not please, when I challenged, when I fought back against misogyny I was made to feel terrible and unwanted for it. I had no idea what was even happening at the time. I just felt like an unloveable, ugly, unworthy human being.

I know that is not true about me, or you or anyone.

So, as I sat looking over comment after comment, story after story I grabbed my tarot cards. Naturally. I wanted to do a reading for all of us as we recognize and begin to heal these thought patterns and how we view our bodies. This will be a lucid rambling of card reading, so thank you in advanced for following along.

The deck I am using is my beloved Pagan Otherworlds Tarot, created by the wonderful folks at Uusi

The first card was the most profound, and I almost just wanted to stop the reading right there but I pulled one more just to back it up.

10 of Swords - Queen of Wands

Being a plant person, the first thing I see here are the brambles and what looks like to me like the highly invasive Rubus armeniacus (Himalayan blackberry) that plagues my home in the Northwest. And how representative this plant can be of patriarchal and misogynistic values. As it creeps into our minds telling us how to live and how we should think of ourselves. It binds us and chokes the life out of all other living things. What seems most oppressive in this picture though, is the crushing weight of those swords. The whole thing, on the surface looks like a tangled mess of sharp painful objects and death. At the same time however, this plant provides food, shelter for small animals and even medicine.

Blackberry is in the Rosaceae family, placing it alongside other fruit bearing and thorn wielding plants such as Crataegus (hawthorn) and Rosa (rose). The lesson these plants often provide us is safe boundaries that protect the self and often help support love of the self. Bridging the wide gaps and disconnect we can often find between our spirit, mind and body.

It is worthy to note that in this card its rootball is exposed, where a good portion of it's medicine resides and in this state it is vulnerable. This is where my focus is being drawn.

Classically, the 10 of Swords is the end of the suit of Swords and the end of a cycle. The darkness before dawn. In this card, we see the opportunity of transmuting the roots of invasive and persistent thoughts about our bodies and our own worthiness despite the oppressive situation we find ourselves in. Do we use the swords in an aggressive angry act to hack away at something that will just spring back time and time again, offering only a temporary reprieve? Or, or, do we get our hands dirty and transform the mire of our thoughts about ourselves into a potent medicine that heals and teaches us? 

The work is not easy. The work does not come without getting scratched, or bleeding, or remembering and seeing just how far those roots go back.

Alongside this card was the witch of tarot herself, the Queen of Wands. With her cat, her secrets and her knowledge of positive growth. This kind of Queen can act as a guide and muse for those of us working on the struggle and our journey into a healthy and positive relationship with our bodies. Her focus is inward and yet she can turn that and radiate it outward as warmth, love and compassion for herself and others. A Queen is a Queen because of her experiences, both good and bad. If you have a tarot deck, find her and carry her with you. Put her in a place you will see often and be reminded of her energies. 

If you're reading this chances are you're probably a witch, right? We have the power and ancestral knowledge to turn something into another. To transmute and alchemize. To make a healing balm and find power and strength out of what would otherwise crush us and snuff us out.

Weekly Oracle: Vulnerability + Resentment + Healing

I'll be doing Weekly Oracles over on my Instagram account every Monday instead of doing them here. I'd like to focus on more quality vs. quantity writing here in this space. Also, in July I will be leaving for a month long hike along the Oregon coast. I'll be spending most of June getting prepared.

You ever feel like your vulnerability can lead you to a path of resentment? Confidently you start off baring your truth, only to recoil at yourself because seemingly, there is no reciprocity or care of this fragile thing you exposed - perhaps not the way you wanted it. Not the way you expected it. Once you've shown or exposed that soft spot, you suddenly feel shameful or too much. Maybe you gave too much. You cared too much. Always kind of echoing in the back of your mind, "why do I care so much, why do I care so much, why do I care so much?" starts forming like god damn bramble shoots, taking over everything. 

Then begins the slow construction of a wall. Laying it in front of yourself, brick by brick. But you build it about chest high, so you can still see the person/people on the other side and talk with them... but they can't completely reach you. You're protected yourself to the point of letting nothing in and nothing out. They can't see much, neither can you. You're able to dip down when you feel like it, to feel secure again and maintain your safe space.

This wall prevents full expression of my self, a compassionate expression. It's coming from a place of fear. Fear of loss and hurt. So when I act in the world, or with people I care about - it is distorted. It's laced with paranoia, anxiety, mistrust.

I roll my eyes into the back of my skull, I. Do. Not. Want. To. Look. At. This.

This is how I have felt the past few days, or several, really.

Annoyingly, I keep getting fours. Rest/withdrawal refusal/indignation. My deck knows me, the cheeky shit. It won't let me hide. Too many times I've pulled the same cards back to back the past few days. For me, this was the recognition and affirmation that I needed to get my head straight.


Super fixed tepid water, this card. This outright refusal of an offering, a magic, magic thing just hovering right there. Too focused on the issue at hand to notice a way to solve it. An answer, a helping hand, a helping spirit, a helping cup of tea. Even the tree friend has this closed up persons back, if only they opened up. They seem to be content to sit with their problems.

Four of Cups - resentment vulnerability healing

Finally, it dawned on me...

How can I let go of my resentments and heal from my hurts?

Sometimes, when you're really in the thick of it, you can't see that helping hand, tree friend, person, spirit. All you can see is your sick vision. So, this is what I got:

Wild Unknown - Strength Ace of Pentacles and 9 of Wands

Here we have Strength. In this case, it is the willpower to calm those wild inner emotions with love and compassion and tame them. This doesn't happen through mentally whipping and lashing ourselves, but by caring for that hurt and pain. We're going to suffer in this life regardless, why create more monsters or feed those monsters by being harsh with ourselves? It takes emotional willpower and inner strength to turn and face these aspects of ourselves.  To cut through the fog and find that root cause of our reactions and resentments that we carry with us. 

Despite wounds, being cut or even say if it was a healthy trimming away and letting go, there's an abundance of growth to come from it. Healing is occurring with recognition of our hurts and resentments. If we can summon up that inner resolve to face them, heal and evolve from them, our inner core can shine brightly. We don't have to hide behind the wall we create any more. Safely, we can move about in the world in our true, raw brightest forms. The center of this cut tree is the heartwood, the very core of something living and sturdy. It shines on brightly, reaching through all layers of our life. An opening from the inside out.

Even with that burst of the Ace, it ain't an easy road doing this kind of healing work. Some days, it can seem like this is an uphill battle. Tripping and stumbling up the stairs. It's good to remember to be gentle to ourselves, especially if you're the type to suck it up, put on the blinders and plough on despite your hurting, lashing yourself along the way. There's a strength here though that goes back to the first card, as these aren't just nimble wands but great big sturdy logs. One foot in front of the other each day, slowly and steady. With perseverance, we can uncover what hides within us.

Much love to you all, as we tread our own crooked, twisting winding and brilliantly beautiful paths. 

Weekly Oracle + Guided by The Star & Away from Illusions

Over this weekend I was sitting at my table and my Wild Unknown deck (which I never use and bought for collector reasons) kept jumping out at me from the periphery. I have feelings about this deck which I hope to sum up in a later blog post. For this month and next month I am challenging myself to use it and see how we get along. You'll be seeing more of it here and in my instagram feed.

So, I don't know about any of you... but that full moon kinda sucked. It was rough, hard and heavy. I know I wasn't the only one in this camp of moon feels. It threw up a lot of insecurities into my face and I was, for a few days, sitting in a pit of despair and angst. I suppose when the light shines it reveals not the most pretty of things, but what we need seeing - even it it's not what we want to see and feel.

I think at the heart of this spread is the 7 of Cups. Emotional illusions based on some kind of conflict - inner or outer, that's where we're resting our cup. It can be hard to discern which is right, which is wrong because this overwhelming thing is at the very center of our attention.

Swirling all around is your hopes, dreams and desires though. Even though it can be hard to see past that cup, shifting focus back to your guiding star can help you break through the negative illusions that are not serving you. I mean, what are they really doing for you right now? Ask yourself.

What do we do when we gaze at the stars? We stop, we breathe we become absorbed by a celestial light. It can be opening and clearing for us. Even though the stars lie in the heavens they can bring us back to earth and instil a sense of calm and peace. It can help right us back on our course and set us forth in the right direction...

Through The Star, we can arrive at the Two of Cups. The manifestation of love in a multitude of forms and a connection to self isn't far away. We've just got to remember to look to the Star, remember, get back on course and not be caught up and derailed by those emotional illusions we can all create for ourselves.