Virgo New Moon Horoscopes

How has this year flown so fast? It's September the 9th and when I wake in the morning I have to put on more clothing. I look up into the oak canopy and their leaves are more sparse. Yellowing in some trees is already taking hold. The Ponderosa pines sheds its needles now, to make way for eventual new needles.

The shift is a strange a restless one for me each year and one filled with nostalgia, this season particularly holds that space for me to remember and shift gears into a slower more restful pace.

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Our collective cards this cycle are the Three of Cups, The Page of Cups and Judgment.

It's here we can find some joy in the manner of our remembering. If we can find the slowness, gather together with our sweet loved ones over foods grown up and out of our precious dirt. Living this life is something for us to celebrate and finding ourselves with who we can celebrate this with is important.

The Page of Cups in this is an energy we are asked to embody. That is the energy of staying curious in our situations, no matter what. Of taking up a cup and partaking of the joy in the Three of Cups and seeing what messages we can receive when we open ourselves up to this space, what can be learned, processed and realized.

Judgment swoops in not to condemn you, but to wake you up. Always, there is a deeper call for each of us. Through this dark moon and to the next, we're asked to pay attention. To listen as deeply and innocently as the Page of Cups, the child mind that doesn't not question the sentience of the natural world or its innate magic.

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10 of Cups

The culmination of all the emotional work you've done in this past cycle will yield a deeply fulfilling result. One of joy, one of security, one whereupon something foundational will be built. Keep in mind sometimes foundations need adjusting, you've just adjusted yours. It will take time to see it. Relax, but don't. In other words, the labor and work you've endured and done will be life long. Enjoy moments of respite and sweetness in their fullness.

Your magic this cycle: instilling joy in your dwelling places by means of flowers, plants and laughing.


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9 of Wands

You may be bearing a psychic wound at this time, that is in the process of being seen and actively healed, this can be painful. What this needs is safe boundaries in which to do so. Your earth is perhaps parched and cracked at the ending of this season and you need nourishing waters to regain the stirring of life and cycles of decomposition that make way for growing supple soil. Take heed of the signs around you indicating this.

Your magic this cycle: boundary plants that instill healing of the land: hawthorn, rose, blackberry, poison oak.


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Something has given way and crumbled in your life and not necessarily in the negative sense, but in that shift of where your feet stand and where you're at. Something has given way to a new opening, a new path, a newer way of being that is more beneficial to your life at this time. Some pain may be involved, but where one door may slam in your face, another opens. Your curiosity benefits you to check all the doors, but don't linger at the ones who will not open!

Your magic this cycle: reapers, harvest festivals.


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7 of Wands

Stand your ground. You are so very well suited to this task, but don't become bitter though it. Opposition may surround you or challenge your beliefs. Those you thought in support of you, may show a different side. Stay curious, stay open, hear their words, but if you find it incoherent to the core of your truth, find a high ground by not partaking of their pettiness. You know your own truth.

Your magic this cycle: high hills and vantage points.


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The Hanged Man

You might find yourself in an uncomfortable position this cycle, or be a place where everything has turned upside down. The key to this is not to fight it, not to struggle to make it all right side up again. The key is to relax into this strangeness of perspective because it's here that you will find the magic you've long been seeking. It might require a sacrifice, but it will all be worth it.

Your magic this cycle: world trees and the axis mundi: oak, ash and thorn.


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3 of Wands

The sun does not shine on this part of the moon for you, however this is power in the shadows and much to be derived from. Here you can step through a threshold after perhaps a time that has left you feeling worn and tattered by your hard work and diligence. Stand in a place with a view that gives you the lay of the land and how you've navigated it thus far. Appreciate your own work and stay open to what comes to you through it.

Your magic this cycle: the comings and goings of your enterprise, maps of all sorts, especially the ones you create.


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Knight of Cups

If you have found yourself inactive, now is the time to shift your energy to active seeking. A Knight pursues passionately and relentlessly in their quests and errands. Find modes of decisiveness, pick a course and do not stray, also recognize the difference between distraction and a side quest that is part of the main mission. Feel this, don't over think it.

Your magic this cycle: locked gaze and the wisdom of equines.


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King of Pentacles

Look to the condition of your kingdom to determine what needs to be done. How do the soils look? How are the trees faring? How is your work and how is your people? Utilize this time, your power and this cycle to get your things in order. To situate them in a way that provides security and a safe foundation of movement.

Your magic this cycle: bringing order to the space you inhabit.


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4 of Swords

Lay down your arms, your weapons and find sanctuary to meditate before you act, before you embark anew. All great quests and adventures need that space before and between to collect, to rest, to sharpen your tools before going back out. Use this time to reconvene with yourself and find a place within to rest amid what might have been chaotic.

Your magic this cycle: well cared for tools of your trade.


2 of Pentacles

A sweeping call for balance. This will always be a juggling process an the pendulum will swing from one space to another. The exercise and lesson is being able to bring yourself back to center. This is tied to your body and your finances. Don't despair when you feel you don't have it all right, you'll find the way back.

Your magic this cycle: finding symmetry, meditative practices involving your hands.


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4 of Wands

Wherever you go, there you are. Spaces that are foundational to you are very important at this time. How you spend your time there, how you contribute, what you want and need from it are all very valuable to consider at this time. A sense of home is something you're redefining right now. Go where there is joy, welcome and doors swung open upon your arrival and sweet farewells when you leave.

Your magic this cycle: bonfire gatherings and adornments of the home, your people.


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The Lovers

Love and relationship will be your focus this cycle, but moreover the choices that are presented to you within that. Major shifts may be happening in this front. Do your best not to be swept away. Find good firm ground with which to think from and find the best direction for you. You will have no trouble acting from your heart and in this you know what is best for you.

Your magic this cycle: heirloom apples or fruits, decisions made by coin toss.

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