New Moon in Leo Tarot Horoscopes

Welcome to this cycle of the New Moon horoscopes, I hope that y'all find them resonant to your sign. Consider reading for both your sun sign, and your rising sign, as they can both be helpful. You can find your rising sign through or or any natal chart generator.

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Many of us have been left feeling like we barely survived July and this eclipse season. But here you are: still breathing, heart still beating, witnessing the rise and fall of the sun, the shift of the moon, the grasses becoming golden, the day light hours becoming a little bit shorter.

Our collective cards for this next cycle sit thusly: Strength, Three of Swords and the Two of Wands.

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In my own heart, I can feel the raw piercing emotions of the Three of Swords. Collectively, this has already taken place for us. It isn't actively happening right now. The swords were already drawn and bared down so thoroughly through our hearts. This is a loss or sadness we already carry. The shock and dismay may have transpired through last cycle and here we see ourselves moving through these emotions.

With Strength preceding this card, it is a reminder that we have the tenacity, the will to direct our raw power into new parts of our journey. All of us are getting an overhaul in some part of our lives. These qualities were with us before the shit hit the fan, we may not have known it though at the time. But here you are, on the other side of it all, heart wrenched, but feet firmly logged into the ground.

The Three of Swords tells us not to turn a blind eye to our emotions, to what our hearts are feeling in the ways of pain and loss. We need to move through them lest they become monsters that haunt us for some time.

In the tumultuousness of it all, we would do well to do self examination from a place that gives us a view of the full scope our situations, this is the Two of Wands. A place where we can plan, formulate and turn to ways of moving forward. Growth is in store here, as it is when it is preceded by the nourishment of our attentions.

And if you have not cried in some time, it may do you well to allow yourself the gift of that release.



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5 of Pentacles

Rations may be feeling low this cycle but you may also let yourself in and away from harsh elements, inoculating your space and yourself from things that detract you on your course. It may not seem this way at first, but you will acclimate. Extravagance is not advised at this time. Conditions will eventually give way to a clearing and rebirth of abundance in all senses of the word.

You magic this cycle: tree bark and roots, being thrifty.


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3 of Pentacles

What are you building and who are you co-creating with? They need to be those who will put in the work and support you. Those who are impeding this progress might not deserve the gift of your time. These are beginning stages of a foundation that will play out deeply into your future. The rest of the structures stability is all dependent on the integrity of the foundation. Who and what do you build with?

Your magic this cycle: drafting plans, the closest of allies.


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10 of Wands

Your activities, do the burden of them blind you? If this is a truth you need to rest and regroup your priorities for the sake of your self and boundaries. Curiosity leads you many places, but find an organization so that you're not scattered about. Collect and sort so that you may see your way through any entanglements you carry.

Your magic this cycle: blackberry leaf tea, avoiding metaphorical bramble thickets.


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3 of Swords

Perhaps you were the sign most deeply moved and hit this last cycle, you're still swimming in an ocean of emotions. Don't linger too long for fear of drowning and don't deny the weight and gravity of your own experiences, do not dismiss them. Feel, weep and know there's another side to this coin. Trust the process and allow tears to nourish the ground holding seeds that will awaken from dormancy.

Your magic this cycle: Tending to seeds, house plants and gardens - watering them.


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Page of Cups

Truth you for this cycle is rooted in the intuition of your youthful, young self. The part that knows the messages incoming, that voice of knowing – to be your guide. Curiosity must be open and flowing, without the conditions of judgment that grow into unmanageable beasts as adults and can obstruct this flow. Find the obstruction should it exist and work to undo as a child would. Nothing is outlandish.

Your magic this cycle: favorite animal/pet/stuffed animal as a child, your art.


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7 of Wands

Some may question your methods, your motives, but you know what is good for you and you know what is true for you. You are prone to nervousness in what others think, but rooting yourself well in your body and your course is the right action to take. They will bear down on you, but you will find a high point amid a sea of chaotic energy. It's actually not as bad as it seems.

Your magic this cycle: good posture, high points: hills, mountains, boulders.


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9 of Cups

There's been a great deal of work around an emotional matter, it's seen you through joy and sorrow, mirth and visions, rejection and walking away from something that meant a great deal, all leading you to this singular point and cusp of culmination of deep fulfillment. There will be one more phase, then many others. Wishes granted when staying the course that is true to yourself. However this habitat is sensitive, so tend and walk carefully.

Your magic this cycle: rich watersheds, a beloved beverage vessel.


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2 of Swords

You've come to an impasse. Damming the flow of emotions and thoughts will not serve you well at this time, as the moon shifts so to do the tides. If there is one thing that water dislikes the most it is being blocked from flow and moment. It would be wise to uncross your heart and open that valve a little bit, even if just a millimeter. The pressure may build to extremes if left unchecked. In doing so, something will be revealed.

Your magic this cycle: free flowing creeks and undamed rivers, moon magic.


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4 of Cups

Your nature contains naturally a deep restlessness, but now calls for a time of repose and meditation. Sturdy your back against something solid and secure and think on what sits before you, before making a move. Of this an opportunity may come your way and to unbusy yourself will put you more in the way of receiving it.

Your magic this cycle: forest bathing, meditation practice.


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4 of Pentacles

It's time to put yourself, your possessions and your time on lock. These are precious commodities that need to be protected at this time. Some form of withdraw you may find helpful, however maybe more difficult said than done. Dig back into old treasures and keep keys hidden and out of sight to those eyes need not fall on them.

Your magic this cycle: keys and chest. 


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Queen of Wands

A call for heat and warmth to enter your being if you've found yourself too cool. Femme fire magics and allies that take the form of sleek felines are needed at this time. This energy is one that is generated from an inward attention, that then radiates outward. In this, you'll find yourself in a loving rulership of your own sovereignty and queendom. Any challenges and adversity will be overcome with your own radiating force and hearty laughter

Your magic this cycle: sun beams, bouquets with sunflowers and cats.


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This marks the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new. Change is not easy, bu something that dies will give way to new life, new pathways, new ways of being. The best course of action is to be the fish you are and swim with the current. There are times to fight and times to move with efficiency, move with the grace and wisdom you have deep in your own being. Look to the rising sun, each day is a new beginning. 

Your magic this cycle: white roses for peace, dawn.   

These posts are generated by my Patreon supporters, and if you feel you enjoy my work and wish to support it, you can check out what I do there. I offer early content, personalized readings, herbal care packages and snail mail options and some other things as rewards for support.