Mercury Retrograde: A Compilation of Survival Guides

Ever since Mercury went retrograde on June 26th, I've been seeing guides pop up everywhere on how to survive Mercury retrograde. I thought it might be handy to make a little compilation of all the interesting and very helpful guides I've come across recently and share them!


1. A total gem right here: Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour Ep. 6/30 talked about it on the first segment of their show. I highly recommend you listening to it. It's incredibly informative and even talks about the positive side of Mercury in retrograde. You will be very glad you listened, trust me!

2. The Tarot Lady talks about how to have a happy and productive time during the retrograde. By golly, yes! It's possible! Very thorough and packed with information. 

3. Biddy Tarot discusses it from a tarot readers perspective, helpful even if you aren't one.

4.  Gala Darling wrote up a helpful and quick survival guide.

5. We're always quick to blame this period on everythang... Now you can check and see if your complaint is valid. Or if a whiner is just making excuses ;)

6. Lucky Mojo forums had a good discussion on protection.

7. A very wise suggestion from Sarah Lawless on propitiating mercurial deities during this time, if you are of a deity venerating persuasion... 

For me personally, I am not usually effected by Mercury in retrograde, which may have something to do with the fact I have zero Mercury in my natal chart. You can draft up yours for free here. It may give you further insight into why or why you are not effected. Occasionally I'll have an email hiccup, thoughts will be a little jumbled and I'll be completely tactless in my speech (Aries in Mercury for me, not surprising in the least!). Otherwise, I do not suffer much calamity. *knocks on wood*

Going back to what Sarah suggested, because I work with a mercurial deity, I believe he aids me in keeping my shit together during this time. If this kind of work interests you, think of offering sweet and soft things. Violets are gentle, honey, cake, delicious things, candies. Alcohol and coffee have always been welcome in my practice, too.

Remember, it can often be what you make of it! Negative thought patterns and general doom and gloom attitudes can manifest into reality. Be positive and don't take it too seriously ;)