Hello I am Britton or known as Pitch when I am hiking, a 32 year old double Aries with Aquarius rising currently living on the outskirts of Eugene, OR. I live on 7 acres in a little yurt. Raised an Army brat, I now call Oregon my home. I am a self-employed person and use my skills in perfumery, bath and body formulation, herbalism and tarot reading to make a living. I am the former nose, formulator and founder behind Haus of Gloi, one of the most popular indie bath and beauty brands on the internet. I have left my active role as co-owner to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, which I completed September 21st 2017. 

In this space I talk about folk herbalism, witch life, making magic, divining with tarot and bones, with the occasional smattering of adventures. I write for sharing, so that I may understand and discover more about myself and in doing so, hopefully inspire you to reach farther than you thought you could. To move you towards what deeply calls to you.

I write in vivid detail about my long-distance hiking adventures over at Witch Wandering if you'd like to tag along.