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Hello, I am Britton or known as "Pitch" when I am hiking out in the mountains and wilderness. I am a 33 year old double Aries with Aquarius rising currently living in the southern end of the Willamette valley. Surrounded by poison oak, pines and white oak. I am a self-employed person and use my skills in perfumery, bath and body formulation, herbalism and tarot reading to make a living. I am the former nose, formulator and founder behind Haus of Gloi, one of the more popular indie bath and beauty brands on the internet. I left my active role as co-owner to hike the Pacific Crest Trail and start a new life, which I completed and both began: a cold day on September 21st 2017. 

In this space I talk about folk herbalism, witch life, making magic, divining with tarot and bones, with the occasional smattering of adventures. I write in vivid detail about my long-distance hiking adventures over at Witch Wandering if you'd like to tag along.